EXCLUSIVE: Hilley Hits Back At Critics And Insists Parties Must Work Together to Combat Voter Apathy.

All parties must work together to combat voter apathy in Britain

By Former Tory Councillor Clare George-Hilley

"First of all, thank you to TBG for allowing me to comment on the recent attack post about me on left-wing blog Political Scrapbook. I did post a response comment clarifying how Scrapbook’s editor Mr Durnan has misrepresented my brief comment on Facebook and made other errors in his original post, but he has yet to approve this response on his blog.

"As someone who was the first in my family to go to university, I am a great believer in social mobility and am very disappointed that the Croydon Labour party managed to win the local election locally because of a rise in support of UKIP. Over the last few years, the Conservatives in Croydon have helped deliver a new leisure centre for Waddon and the £1bn Westfield Hammerson regeneration scheme, whilst keeping council tax low.

"Having known Lucy Pelling for over a decade and proudly representing her as Chief Bridesmaid at her wedding and someone that helped her through her horrendous marriage break-up, I am indeed upset that Andrew Pelling has been elected as Labour Councillor. I also know that several members of the Croydon Labour party share this view.

"It is therefore unsurprising that I should find myself attacked on a Labour-supporting blog once again, but I will continue to support my friend. So whilst I disagree with the way Political Scrapbook has portrayed me in his biased article, he has drawn attention to the wider problem of voter apathy in Britain. Because of a protest vote to UKIP, Croydon now has a Labour administration that has previously raised Council Tax by 27% in a single year.

"Protest voting and a lack of awareness of the consequences of it are damaging Britain’s electoral system. All parties should work together to prevent this happening again and that means engaging with voters more on the doorstep to ensure everyone has their say and is fully aware of the consequences of protest voting."