DASHTory Hyatt Returns to 'Evil' Conservative Party.

TOP ACTIVIST DASHTory Dean Hyatt has announced his intention to return to the Conservative Party almost a year to the day he quit in a blaze of publicity blasting the Party's "interventions" as "inherently evil" and calling on David Cameron to resign, TBG can reveal.

Upon the earth shattering announcement one year ago Hyatt told the world - "I never felt this was my natural home, having met people within the party who understand little of the economy and would take it upon themselves to-do what socialists do and intervene in everyone’s life. The conservative are far from limited state, pro-market principles. As a classical liberal, such interventions are an inherently evil. I look forward to see David Cameron’s Resignation [sic]."

Hyatt soon joined the Lib Dems after leaving the Tories in an attempt to "introduce Classical Liberalism back into the Liberal Democrats". But his efforts now seem to have been in vain.

DASHTory has announced he will now return to the Tory Party, saying on his blog - "I have finally decided to join back with the Conservative Party, to many of you I am sure are pleased and others having always expected this. I made a very big mistake joining another party and only now have I absorbed the reality of what has happened.

"I will certainly be getting involved again as I have missed canvassing for the team but will have to ease into it again. I hope to see those on the Road Trip this weekend. I will not be engaging with my local association for a good while."