Conservative Party Candidate Warns Tories That UKIP Are a 'Serious Force'.

Stuart Crow is the Conservative Candidate for Milton Ward on Portsmouth City Council.

What did you eat at breakfast?

"Bacon Sandwich and Cup of Tea."

So, what's it like standing for election?

"Finally decided to get involved to help end ten years of Lib Dem misrule."

How do you plan to represent Milton Ward if elected?

"By listening to constituents unlike the incumbent Lib Dems who waste huge amounts of time and money."

What's your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"There's nothing better than a pint of beer. I recommend anything from Pompey's own Irving and Co."

Do you have further aspirations within the Conservative Party?

"Let me get elected to Portsmouth City Council before I worry about what happens next!"

How do you think the Conservatives should fight Ukip in the European Elections?

"I prefer to focus on the issues not parties and personalities. We are the only party capable of representing a sensible approach locally, at Westminster, in devolved assemblies and in Europe."

What do you think to the speculation that George Osborne wants to be Foreign Secretary after 2015 so as to be at the heart of the action for re-negotiating Britain's links with the EU?

"I am sure David Cameron will marshal his troops in the right way. We must be firm with the EU after 2015."

What do you think to speculation that Boris Johnson wants to return to Westminster as an MP?

"He was never going to be Mayor of London forever. Would be a welcome return for a Parliamentary Big Hitter."

What do you think to the news that a Roving Reporter for The Blue Guerilla was a plant in UKIP for a whole year?

"Excellent! UKIP are a serious force and scrutiny is welcome."