Blair Spin Doctor Overheard Briefing Young Labour Activist Before BBC Showdown With Lib Dem.

YOUNG LABOUR activist & NEC member Bex Bailey and influential young Lib Dem activist Kavya Kaushik had an almighty ding-dong Live on BBC News, just moments after the young Labour activist was overheard being briefed by a former spin doctor for Tony Blair, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The revelations will solidify beliefs that the Labour Leadership is now officially in panic mode.

The briefing by the Labour spin doctor escort was overheard by a BBC producer and Kavya Kaushik before they went on air. Kaushik says - "He was briefing her about the lines of Lib Dem attack and essentially how to bring me down."

This seemed to have riled Liberal Youth star Kaushik so much that she went on a vicious attack during the BBC showdown, with even interviewer Amroliwala joining in with the attack on Labour.

Kaushik told TBG - "Realising that Bex Bailey had a very thorough attack strategy from a senior spin doctor in her belt and Amroliwala was intending to focus the interview on how disastrous the Lib Dem results were, in those 20 seconds I worked out a strong enough Labour attack to get the attention off me. It worked, Amroliwala went on the attack too and it became an uncomfortable interview for Bex Bailey instead."

"Sorry everyone for being such a bitch but I had about 20 seconds to think of an attack line otherwise the professional spin trained Labour member and the senior journalist were pretty much going in for the kill. I promise I’m a nice person really" - she added.

TBG understands from a source inside Lib Dem HQ that Kavya Kaushik's briefing was - "A 30 second phone call from a mate in the press office."