Abuse Case MP Hancock Says It's All a Tory Plot.


The desperation of Mike Hancock and his assistant Cllr Michael Andrewes sunk to a new low this morning.

It's emerged that after trying to get Hancock off on health grounds he's now sensationally trying to get the Portsmouth South MP off of sexual assault allegations on political grounds.

Hancock's latest excuse is that because Nigel Pascoe QC was a Tory Councillor over 25 years ago it is now a Conservative "political plot to bring him down."

Tory Group Leader of Portsmouth City Council Donna Jones is gobsmacked at the serious slanderous allegations being made.

Donna told TBG this morning - "Nigel Pascoe is a criminal barrister who is a member of the bar. This is yet another attempt to smear the investigation against him."

"There is no political involvement in this case whatsoever. I have personally never spoken to or met Nigel Pascoe QC."