UKIP Cry Foul in Tower Hamlets.

UKIP are the latest party to cry foul as regards the election row gripping the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Allegations have been made that large numbers of supporters from the 'Tower Hamlets First Party' led by Mayoral candidate Lutfur Rahman gathered both inside and outside polling stations to encourage people to vote "the right way".

This in itself breaks electoral law.

UKIP said in a statement earlier that "protests were duly made, but although the police were present, they did nothing."

It took Tower Hamlets Council nearly five days to finally settle on election results.

Local MP Jim Fitzpatrick has also weighed in telling TBG - "Tower Hamlets Council and the Electoral Commission don't seem to be able to deliver a clean election."

Lib Dem Meltdown.

Whilst the economy gathers pace thus strengthening the chances of David Cameron winning an outright majority in 2015 it seems as though things are going from bad to worse for the Lib Dems.

Having already had a bad week which has seen them surrender control of Portsmouth City Council and with the Mike Hancock High Court case looming two more scandals took a turn for the worse last night.

Firstly, Lord Rennard faced calls for expulsion from the party after issuing a groveling apology over behaviour towards female party members and secondly Vince Cable was forced into denying acting in a disloyal way towards Nick Clegg.

Cable at first denied any knowledge of polling commissioned by Lord Oakeshott suggesting the party would do better without Clegg yet last night was forced to concede that he did know about polling taking place in his own Twickenham constituency.

Political manoeuvring springs to mind.

Economy Gathers Strength With General Election On The Horizon.

With the General Election now just 48 weeks away the latest economic figures out today show a strengthening British economy.

In a huge boost for the Conservatives, both the C.B.I and British Chambers of Commerce provide figures that clearly show David Cameron and George Osborne's Long Term Economic Plan is working.

The C.B.I says that economic growth reached a new record high in May whilst the British Chambers of Commerce upgraded its own growth forecast for 2014 from 2.8% to 3.1% which is a whopping 0.4% higher than the figure forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Mr Danczuk Should Eat Some Humble Pie.

So, according to Ed Miliband's now regular sceptic, Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, "the rise of Ukip is finally making politicians wake up to the fact that 75 per cent of people think immigration is too high."

Where has Mr Danczuk been for the last 20 years I ask?

Whenever somebody raised the issue of immigration in public like I did in various letters to the media under the last Labour Government they were either branded out of touch or even a racist.

Even when former Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid an official visit to Mr Danczuk's own constituency during the 2010 General Election and was confronted on the issue of immigration by one of Mr. Danczuk's constituents he was later overheard calling her a "bigoted woman."

So for Simon Danczuk of all people to come out with such nonsense stinks of hypocrisy.

He should go and join Tony Blair and eat some humble pie.

UKIP Youth Leader Slams Predecessors And Aims to 'Repair' & Lift Youth Wing From 'Stagnation' as YI Turns Ugly.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI) Leader Jack Duffin has publicly slammed past hard-working voluntary Leaders of UKIP's youth wing, Harry Alridge and Rob Comley, saying the organisation has been "stagnated" and its image needs "repairing", TBG can sensationally reveal.

The revelations come after a dodgy election race between hand-picked Duffin and new UKIP Councillor Chris Wood, where Duffin was offered cash payments for his services by UKIP National Executive Council member & disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton.

YI have seemed like a sensible (even quite normal) bunch in the past. They got behind sacked Leader Olly Neville when he spoke out in-favour of gay marriage, something senior UKIP representatives did not like so Neville was disposed of post-haste. Maybe paid Party worker Duffin now wants the YI image to become equally as ugly as the seniors'.

Many influential and welcoming Libertarian YI voluntary members have deserted UKIP since Duffin's election including activists Sanya Jeet, Alexandra Swann and Laura Mcavoy.

A YI source told TBG - "I can't possibly see how it's 'stagnated'. Harry done a lot of a work building up YI, and setting the foundations. Rob Comley came in and increased the membership by nearly 200%. He also set up a regional branch in every region of the country and organised the first ever YI conference."

YI Leader Jack Duffin has also recently jumped on a member for having an interview without his knowledge:

It looks as if YI is not only going to become ugly but the entire UK Independence Party is now being ruled with an iron fist.

In one respect, slowly but surely, every corner of UKIP is becoming like every other political party, stage managed.

Labour Party at War as Hypocrite Danczuk Strikes Again.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has a good record when it comes to throwing his toys out of the pram when the going gets tough and today is no exception.

Hot on the heels of Tony Blair issuing his provocative statement after Labour's bruising in the European Elections saying "We were right to let in all those immigrants", Danczuk has gone off on one again. He's told the euro-sceptic Daily Express that - "The rise of UKIP is finally making politicians wake up to the fact that 75 per cent of people think immigration is too high."

Rochdale's resident hypocrite even went on to say that, "we should now be looking at reducing unskilled EU migration."

TBG seems to recall a Labour Party supporter taking on Simon Danczuk and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown over the issue during the most famous incident of the 2010 General Election Campaign asking, "What about all this immigration?"

On that occasion Danczuk condemned the lady for raising the issue and Brown was overheard going off on one himself by raging, "That Bigoted Woman!"

Oh how times catches you up Simon.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Right Hand Man in The Trough.

CONTRARY to earlier promises, TBG can today exclusively reveal that newly elected UKIP MEP Ray Finch is to remain on Hampshire County Council.

Finch was elected on to Hampshire County Council last May and failed in a bid to be elected as UKIP P.P.C. for Havant in November, even though the selection meeting was smack bang in the middle of his own ward.

Our own earlier research showed that between 1st October 2013 and 31st December 2013 Mr Finch attended just THREE Council meetings.

And today TBG can reveal that between 1st January 2014 and 31st March 2014 yet again Mr Finch again attended just THREE Council meetings.

Finch is a well known expert at making big promises that he struggles to fulfill.

Finch stood against high profile Chris Huhne at the last election and declared in the campaign that he would move to live in the constituency should he be elected.

Yet it turns out that instead of fighting on his own ground in Eastleigh, Finch spent lots of his time instead campaigning in Buckingham where UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was standing rather than his own Eastleigh constituency. As a result Finch gained just 3.6% of the vote.

On hearing the General Election result in Eastleigh Mr Finch commented that if Nigel Farage won in Buckingham then he would feel vindicated at having spent so much time away from his own constituency.

Farage was thrashed even getting 4,000 fewer votes than a pro-EU independent.

Hardly the stuff of people who claim to be different from the rest is it?

EXCLUSIVE: Hilley Hits Back At Critics And Insists Parties Must Work Together to Combat Voter Apathy.

All parties must work together to combat voter apathy in Britain

By Former Tory Councillor Clare George-Hilley

"First of all, thank you to TBG for allowing me to comment on the recent attack post about me on left-wing blog Political Scrapbook. I did post a response comment clarifying how Scrapbook’s editor Mr Durnan has misrepresented my brief comment on Facebook and made other errors in his original post, but he has yet to approve this response on his blog.

"As someone who was the first in my family to go to university, I am a great believer in social mobility and am very disappointed that the Croydon Labour party managed to win the local election locally because of a rise in support of UKIP. Over the last few years, the Conservatives in Croydon have helped deliver a new leisure centre for Waddon and the £1bn Westfield Hammerson regeneration scheme, whilst keeping council tax low.

"Having known Lucy Pelling for over a decade and proudly representing her as Chief Bridesmaid at her wedding and someone that helped her through her horrendous marriage break-up, I am indeed upset that Andrew Pelling has been elected as Labour Councillor. I also know that several members of the Croydon Labour party share this view.

"It is therefore unsurprising that I should find myself attacked on a Labour-supporting blog once again, but I will continue to support my friend. So whilst I disagree with the way Political Scrapbook has portrayed me in his biased article, he has drawn attention to the wider problem of voter apathy in Britain. Because of a protest vote to UKIP, Croydon now has a Labour administration that has previously raised Council Tax by 27% in a single year.

"Protest voting and a lack of awareness of the consequences of it are damaging Britain’s electoral system. All parties should work together to prevent this happening again and that means engaging with voters more on the doorstep to ensure everyone has their say and is fully aware of the consequences of protest voting."

Crawley Tories Depose Leader in 'Bitter' Battle After Losing Council to Labour.

CRAWLEY Conservatives have reportedly ousted yet another Leader in a "bitter" contest that has again rocked the local branch to its foundations, TBG can reveal.

Local rag Crawey News called the vote to lead the Tory Group a "bitter leadership challenge", after the Conservatives lost control of the borough council to the Labour Party. The council now has 20 Labour councillors and 16 Conservatives. And just 1 UKIP councillor after the Party made zero gains in the borough.

Councillor Howard Bloom, who dumped his ward for a safer seat in the elections, has reportedly been replaced by Duncan Crow as head of the Tory Group.

Last year former Conservative Group Leader Bob Lanzer was forced out following allegations of sexual harassment by the deputy Tory Branch Chairman, who later defected to UKIP after a landslide vote of no confidence against him and former Tory Chairman, turned Crawley UKIP Branch Chairman, Lee Gilroy.

TBG understands that the deposed Howard Bloom was later spotted in local bustling restaurant the Giggling Squid, ordering the Moo Ping for starters followed by the Much Cha Rung Ra with a bottle of Campo Azafran Tempranillo.

We Need to Start Renegotiating Our Membership of The EU Now.

The figures on the amounts of benefits being paid out to people not living in Britain are an absolute disgrace and simply underline even more failings within the EU.

The fact of the matter is that we need to start re-negotiating our membership of the EU now rather than wait until after the General Election while the going is good thanks to the euro-sceptic message given at the European Elections right across Europe.

David Cameron should be working with the French as well as Britain's other EU counterparts now so as to hammer the message home that nobody should be able to benefit from our own welfare system here in Britain unless they have paid into it for at least two years.

I believe that even when it comes to people coming to work in Britain we need to put minimum safeguards in place so as to make sure that anyone who comes to Britain to work is making a net contribution to the British economy rather than being a burden on it.

Lib Dems Want to Stick With Clegg & Tory Coalition.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have sensationally backed their Leader & Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in a poll appearing on grassroots website Lib Dem Voice, TBG can reveal.

In the aftermath of an almost total poll wipe out at the ballot box this past week polling shows 54% of Lib Dem members want Nick Clegg to stay as leader, whilst 39% want him to stand down. The poll also shows a huge majority of Lib Dem members back the coalition with the Conservatives with a staggering 81% in favour and just 16% opposing the Governing relationship.

Lib Dem Voice say - "The margin’s tighter than Nick Clegg would like, but he will be relieved that a clear majority of party members in our survey want him to stay as leader."

A YouGov poll for The Times this morning shows 72% of Lib Dem voters want Clegg as Leader with just 15% saying he should go.

Blair Spin Doctor Overheard Briefing Young Labour Activist Before BBC Showdown With Lib Dem.

YOUNG LABOUR activist & NEC member Bex Bailey and influential young Lib Dem activist Kavya Kaushik had an almighty ding-dong Live on BBC News, just moments after the young Labour activist was overheard being briefed by a former spin doctor for Tony Blair, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The revelations will solidify beliefs that the Labour Leadership is now officially in panic mode.

The briefing by the Labour spin doctor escort was overheard by a BBC producer and Kavya Kaushik before they went on air. Kaushik says - "He was briefing her about the lines of Lib Dem attack and essentially how to bring me down."

This seemed to have riled Liberal Youth star Kaushik so much that she went on a vicious attack during the BBC showdown, with even interviewer Amroliwala joining in with the attack on Labour.

Kaushik told TBG - "Realising that Bex Bailey had a very thorough attack strategy from a senior spin doctor in her belt and Amroliwala was intending to focus the interview on how disastrous the Lib Dem results were, in those 20 seconds I worked out a strong enough Labour attack to get the attention off me. It worked, Amroliwala went on the attack too and it became an uncomfortable interview for Bex Bailey instead."

"Sorry everyone for being such a bitch but I had about 20 seconds to think of an attack line otherwise the professional spin trained Labour member and the senior journalist were pretty much going in for the kill. I promise I’m a nice person really" - she added.

TBG understands from a source inside Lib Dem HQ that Kavya Kaushik's briefing was - "A 30 second phone call from a mate in the press office."

EXCLUSIVE: Official Tory Newark #RoadTrip2015 Campaign Trailer.

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem Council Leader Quits - Tories Set to Rule Portsmouth Council as Minority Administration.

Lib Dem Council Leader Vernon-Jackson (left) quits

TBG can exclusively reveal that the Conservative Party will officially take over the reigns at Portsmouth City Council as a minority administration next Tuesday.

It's understood that, as predicted by TBG last Friday, Gerald Vernon Jackson will resign as Council Leader and take his Lib Dems into opposition.

It's thought that the councillor who led the council's own investigation into Mike Hancock, Donna Jones will take over as Leader.

Neither Labour nor UKIP want to form a coalition with either the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats.

However, both Labour and UKIP do support the idea of a minority Tory administration.

Gerald Vernon Jackson told the Portsmouth News - "The proposal is that the Conservatives will form an administration with the backing of Labour and UKIP but we are concerned that the Conservatives only have 12 councillors out of 42."

The Lib Dems now have 19 seats instead of 23 which means they no longer have a majority.

Last week, Stuart Potter, the Chairman of UKIP in Portsmouth, said - "There is absolutely no chance of a coalition happening, we would be selling ourselves out for our beliefs."

"The rest of the parties are power obsessed. We are not about getting hold of power or control, we are about working for the people."

Farage Refuses to Rule Out Standing in Portsmouth-South, Again.

Nigel Farage has AGAIN refused to rule out standing in the Westminster seat of Portsmouth South.

With rumours rife that Mike Hancock plans to plod on beyond November when the six month rule on by-elections would come into effect the Portsmouth News decided to ask both Nigel and his spokesperson Ray Finch about where they plan to stand in 2015.

Last Thursday UKIP attracted 751,439 votes in the South East, the Conservatives came second with 723,571 votes, Labour came third with 342,775, the Greens fourth with 211,706 and the Liberal Democrats came a humiliating fifth with just 187,876 votes.

Farage has been linked with the Portsmouth South seat here on TBG for sometime. Farage told the Portsmouth News - "Clearly, UKIP has made huge gains in Portsmouth and Portsmouth South is a seat we are going to take very seriously."

Finch has also been linked with the Portsmouth South seat despite getting beaten by John Perry in the contest to be PPC in Havant recently.

UKIP's success nationwide was however marred by a nominations cock-up in Havant that left PPC John Perry in serious hot water.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Success Marred by Nominations Cock-up.

TBG can exclusively expose a cock up at the heart of UKIP that almost certainly cost the party up to three seats on Havant Borough Council.

On Sunday, TBG spoke to a gentleman who contacted the party at national level offering to be a candidate in the Warren Park Ward.

He told TBG - "One minute I was told by Havant Chairman John Perry I was UKIP's candidate for Warren Park and the next thing I knew was that Perry was knocking on my front door apologising for a nominations form cock up."

"I don't know what's behind it. Its very conspicuous and interesting"
- he added.

TBG sources say that the candidate in The Warren Ward wasn't the only victim of the nominations form cock up.

Potential Candidates also came forward for both the Barncroft and Bedhampton Wards but neither had nomination forms handed in on time.

As TBG reported on Friday, turn out figures suggest that had there been a UKIP candidate in either Barncroft or The Warren wards they would almost certainly have won.

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem MP Calls Tory Candidate a W*nker in Public.

TBG can today exclusively reveal that the flat mate of Portsmouth South Independent MP Mike Hancock is also now in hot water.

Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell called Tory Candidate Darius G Laws a wanker, loudly, in public on Thursday night.

The revelation follows news that pranksters got Colchester’s MP sniffing on their trail after magnets urging the public to make him cry were distributed around the town centre.

The business-card sized magnets, feature Sir Bob Russell’s face with a red line through it and the slogan ‘Make Bob Sob’, were found stuck to metal surfaces in the North Hill. The magnets also state Sir Bob is "An analogue MP lost in a digital world" - a nod to a quote used in the Die Hard 4 movie.

The MP said his packed 15-hour diary on Wednesday meant he was too busy to comment fully on the latest prank. However, he described the perpetrators' antics as "childish".

No one has owned up to the magnets - the latest in series of mischief-making antics that have got Sir Bob on the detective trail.

Last month Sir Bob was likened to famous detective Sherlock Holmes after he claimed he’d used his investigative powers to deduce Tory activist Darius Laws made scarecrows put around the town, with his face on them.

Sir Bob believed the wood used to prop up the effigies "proved" Mr Laws was instrumental in the stunt.

Mr Laws had been recently pictured next to a sign he had installed outside Colchester’s Jumbo water tower, an alternative to the official plaque Sir Bob had unveiled.

Sir Bob said the same timber had been used in the scarecrows prank. He fiercely attacked Mr Laws and suggested Will Quince, the Tories’ prospective candidate in the next General Election, was aware of the prank too.

Both Mr Laws and Mr Quince laughed off the "trivial" allegations.

Sir Bob Russell used parliamentary privilege in September to accuse Mr Laws of setting up a fake Twitter account. But Mr Laws said he had nothing to do with any Twitter accounts pretending to be Sir Bob.

The MP also accused Mr Laws of creating a spoof YouTube video, publishing a "snooper" photograph of him on a train, and writing letters to newspapers with false names and addresses.

Mr Quince and Mr Laws have both said they do not want to be drawn into the latest row.

Hancock Council Investigation Hits Buffers as He & Mrs Go Missing.

One good bit of news for Mike Hancock tonight is that as a result of him being given the boot last night the council investigation into his behaviour and conduct has ended, TBG can reveal.

The matter is now entirely a case for The High Court in London in just over three weeks.

That is of course unless he tries to get it stood down on health grounds AGAIN.

As if his defeat wasn't bad enough Gerald Vernon Jackson has just told ITV News that the Hancock factor did play a part in the Lib Dems drubbing in Pompey.

Even Crawley MP Henry Smith agrees with Gerald on that one.

Under-statement of the century?

There is also mystery today surrounding the whereabouts of Mike and wife Jacqui Hancock.

Both were missing from the count in Portsmouth last night and there have been no sightings since.

Even though some quarters of the Portsmouth Lib Dems were quietly delighted at their demise others have refused to comment.

Michael Andrews was offered a face to face interview with TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking on more than one occasion last night and on each occasion declined.

And Gerald Vernon Jackson's feathers were clearly ruffled when he stubbornly denied rumours of an impending resignation last night.

HAVE YOU SEEN MIKE OR JACQUELINE? If so do get in touch!

Scandal Prone Former Tory MP Andrew Pelling Elected as Labour Councillor.

The many faces of Pelling

TORIES in the Croydon ward of Waddon were kicked out last night by just a few hundred votes after 'assault-arrest' scandal prone former Tory MP Andrew Pelling & co. were elected.

Pelling has made a dramatic comeback to public office after his ex-wife claimed to a national newspaper he labelled Croydon voters "chavs".

The Conservatives have regenerated the parks & roads, spending millions in the area and built a leisure centre. So the defeat has been met with despair by those standing for the Tory Party, with one former councillor saying they felt "let down".

Tories Lose Peterborough Council After UKIP Pick Up Seats - Local Tory MP Slams 'Disastrous Policies'.

Labour beat Tory Steve Allen in Park ward, Peterborough

CONSERVATIVES were dealt a blow in Peterborough last night after losing 4 seats and the Council to No Overall Control, TBG can reveal.

Local Tories told TBG, "It is going to be close", but many activists had no idea how the evening would progress. Tory MP for Peterborough, Stewart Jackson, exclusively told TBG yesterday he didn't expect UKIP to make gains in the City of Peterborough but more in the rural areas, this was proven wrong.

After results were announced Jackson sensationally slammed the Tory councils "disastrous policies" he himself has been outspoken about in criticism. "The brown bins, raising the pay of council executives and the Newborough energy park are all bad judgement calls" - he said.

UKIP took seats from the Conservatives in Bretton North, Orton Longueville and Paston. Labour gained the Tory seat in Park ward where Steve Allen was standing for the Conservative Party.

The council is now comprised of 28 Conservatives, 12 Labour, 7 Independents, 4 Liberal Democrats, 3 Liberals and 3 UKIP.

The Lib Dems lost control of neighboring Cambridge City Council to the Labour Party.

More UKIP Gains in Hampshire.

UKIP's Chris Wood won a seat on Fareham Council to go with the County Council seat he took last year.

He didn't quite get the 50% he won last year but it was a majority of over 400 and meant Lib Dem James Forrest lost his seat for the first time in 12 years.

Conservatives took comfort that it was the only seat UKIP won in Fareham on the night.

Despite only having a handful candidates UKIP won two seats in Havant too.

Havant UKIP PPC John Perry won Hayling East by 55 votes and Gary Kerrin took Stakes by 34 votes.

However, John Perry came in for lots of criticism for failing to field candidates in Barncroft and Warren Park where local turn out was low but Euro turn out was high and UKIP would almost certainly have won.

UKIP won a seat in Gosport too.

Patrick Bergin took the Rowner and Holbrook Ward by just three votes in the closest result of the night.

Mixed Night For Portsmouth Conservatives.

It was a mixed night for Portsmouth Conservatives.

In the Portsmouth South seat the Conservative Luke Stubbs held on emphatically in Eastney and Craneswater and will now get his first morning lie-in for months as just reward for hard work and incredible tactics with fellow hard-line eurosceptics.

Yet whilst the highly-respected Terry Henderson just missed out, the result of the night for the Tories was easily Linda Symes win in St Jude Ward.

The ward was set to be nipped and tuck all the way but dirty tactics from the Lib Dems backfired and a last minute drop saw Linda home and dry with incredible ease.

In Portsmouth North there were also excellent wins for Hannah Hockaday in Cosham and Frank Jonas in Hilsea but the party failed to hold Copnor against UKIP leaving them on equal numbers as in 2010.

Not bad considering the General Election is still a year away.

Hancock Dynasty Over in Portsmouth As MP and Wife Get The Boot.

The Hancock Dynasty that has ruled Portsmouth for the best part of 43 years is over.

That's the sensationally revealing and truly devastating news this morning after TBG broke the news first on Twitter last night.

Even from as early as midnight rumours were rife that the writing was on the wall and from the moment the ballot boxes were emptied it was clear for all to see.

It wasn't just Mike being toppled in Fratton either - his wife Jacqui lost her Charles Dickens ward by just 27 votes too.

On both counts it was to UKIP who had a sensational night of their own winning 6 seats including Copnor, Nelson, and Paulsgrove too.

The council is now hung and even though Labour were quick to distance themselves from the Lib Dems Milton councillor Will Purvis did admit to TBG that the elimination of the "Hancock Dynasty" would make life easier.

When confronted over whether or not Labour could work with the Lib Dems John Ferrett said the onus was on the Lib Dems to act.

The Tories and UKIP do not have the numbers to Unite.

[VIDEO] EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP Stewart Jackson Talks UKIP & Local Elections.

Stewart tells TBG he backs Government position on EU after resigning the cabinet in 2011

Farage Causes Civil Unrest in Croydon.

[Pic: Breitbart London]

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was forced to cancel another event last night, this time at Croydon in South London, after trouble flared between his own activists and anti-UKIP protesters.

Even a street band hired by Farage and his mate, anti-gay UKIP politician Winston McKenzie, refused to continue playing when they were told that they had been hired by UKIP.

In the end Farage pulled out of the event for "security reasons" according to Winston McKenzie.

Farage Gets His Facts Wrong As He Continues to Duck Questions.

Nigel Farage is still UNDECIDED on where to stand at the next General Election, TBG can reveal.

Yet one thing he does need to do is get his facts right when it comes to parliamentary boundaries.

Of course the long term speculation has been that Nigel is waiting for a by-election in Portsmouth South but with that off the agenda for now speculation has switched to where he will stand at the General Election.

One place where UKIP did well in the County Council elections in 2013 and is tipped is Thanet.

Yet speaking at a public meeting in Thanet in the last few days Farage admitted to doing some canvassing in the "Deal area of Thanet the other day", but remains tight-lipped.

TBG would like to point out to Nigel that Deal is not even in the Thanet constituency but actually is in Charlie Elphicke's Dover instead.

The best news to come out of the meeting though is despite Janice Atkinson's atrocious behaviour at the weekend in Ashford, there was no trouble with protesters on the night.

[VIDEO] EXCLUSIVE: Tory #RoadTrip2015 Lands on Chester & Cheadle.

CONSERVATIVES visited Chester and Cheadle this past Saturday as a part of the popular #RoadTrip2015 campaign days.

The new video, exclusive to TBG, features The Kink's Young Conservatives soundtrack, made in the 1980's when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

EXCLUSIVE: Female Tory MP Lodges 'Grave' Complaint Against Councillors' 'Inappropriate' Behaviour.

TORY MP Penny Mordaunt has lodged an official complaint containing "serious allegations" to Portsmouth City Council about alleged bullying and intimidation by Councillors, TBG can sensationally reveal.

A leaked letter by the MP to the CEO of Portsmouth City Council David Williams has reached TBG and it makes for uncomfortable reading for many in Portsmouth and the general public nationwide.

Penny Morduant says she has received many worrying reports from the "councils own officers as well as third party organisations the council works in partnership with". Which Mordaunt says she expects the recipient, Williams, to be already aware of.

Penny says - "The behaviour they describe is persistent bullying ranging from screaming and abusive behaviour to orchestrated campaigns to intimidate and undermine, sometimes on matters completely beyond the councils remit."

Penny tore into behaviour at the City's Council concluding - "I do think there is a serious bullying culture at Portsmouth City Council".

TBG can also exclusively reveal Portsmouth North Labour PPC John Ferret's response in an email to the Portsmouth City Council CEO - "I would hope that they will be seeking evidence from Penny Mordaunt MP to support the grave allegations she has made. I can give an unequivocal assurance that as Labour Group Leader I will fully co-operate with any investigation you undertake into these matters."

[READ] Leaked Penny Mordaunt complaint in full: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2

Senior Lib Dem Figure Pretends to be Outraged Resident in Party Election Leaflet.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS’ Head of National Campaigns Steve Jolly has been sensationally pictured pretending to be an outraged Portsmouth resident in a Lib Dem election literature, TBG can reveal.

The leaflet is riddled with misleading information such as stating Mr Jolly lives on "Victoria Grove" where they say Tories have no plans to improve parking in the area. However, postal voting records seen by TBG show that Steve Jolly lives and votes in London.

It's understood Mr Jolly has been out and about quite a bit in Portsmouth, in particular has been spotted many times in the Eastney and Craneswater ward but not the St. Jude ward where Victoria Grove is located.

A local source told TBG - "While he has a local address, that a senior party figure has been spending so much campaigning time here suggests to me that the Lib Dems are desperate to claim the local elections are a mixed bag by making a couple of gains in Portsmouth to offset hundreds of losses elsewhere."

UKIP South East Candidate In Middle Finger Salute.

TBG can today confirm that UKIP South East Candidate Janice Atkinson, seen here sticking up her middle finger up to protesters at a rally at Ashford in Kent, is in hot water.

Nigel Farage's number two, who has appeared on BBC's Question Time and is UKIP's National PR Officer, was caught just days after calling for protesters who hurled abuse at her and Nigel in Margate recently to be arrested.

TBG understands a complaint has made to the Kent Constabulary about Janice Atkinson's outburst too.

South East Conservatives candidates including Richard Robinson have roundly condemned the outburst as unprofessional and local MP Damian Green is also said to be concerned.

Ashford People’s Assembly member Maria Pizzey posted the photograph of Mrs Atkinson on Facebook.

Pizzey said - "She told us to f**k off because we stood peacefully holding placards accusing UKIP of racist policies,’ Ms Pizzey said in her post.

"She made personal comments about my body size and when I told her I would quote her widely she said 'I don't care where you f**king post this, just f**k off!'."

EXCLUSIVE: Dan Hannan Says Referendum Could Be Sooner Than We Think As Minister For Portsmouth Hints At Tory EU Exit.

The Minister for Portsmouth, Michael Fallon, has told TBG that the Conservative Party "would be willing to campaign for UK withdrawal from the EU" if the party "was unable" to secure membership reforms.

It's the furthest any senior minister has gone on the EU debate.

As well as being Minister for Portsmouth, Mr Fallon is also an energy minister and has been tipped to replace Grant Shapps as a future Party Chairman.

A Downing Street source last night told TBG that the Prime Minister was confident the relationship between the UK and the EU could be re-negotiated.

The Conservatives have promised an in or out referendum in 2017 if they win the next election.

However, in a sensationally revealing new development today Conservatives South East MEP Daniel Hannan exclusively told TBG that the referendum "could be a lot sooner than many people think".

Boris And His Return to Westminster.

SPECULATION that Boris Johnson is to attempt to return to Westminster as MP for Louth and Hornecastle is now frenzied, TBG can sensationally reveal.

It's understood that both Boris and Dave are to visit the Newark by-election TOGETHER on Wednesday.

Newark is a short drive from the seat which is currently occupied by Father of the House Sir Peter Tapsell.

TBG was hot on this trail long before the Spectator.

It's understood that the PM may also pop into the marginal neighbouring seat of Lincoln to give Tory MP Karl McCartney a hand on the same day which begs the question, where will Boris go?

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Toff Article Causes Almighty Diversity Debate Among Young Conservatives.

Josh Hitchens (top left) and Nadim Muslim with PM David Cameron (top right)

LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (LSE) President has exclusively defended his decision to publish an article with the Telegraph criticising some Tory University Branches as having a "Toffish" image, after uproar amongst some members nationally, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Josh exclusively told TBG - "I'm pleased that my experiences have not been shared by Nadim, however since my article was published I have had many, many message from people who feel that my article highlighted a cultural problem that they had experienced within CF University branches. I am pleased that it has clearly started an important debate."

Other Conservative Future members have come out in support of Josh Hitchens article.

Conservative Party PPC Tara Hewitt said - "@joshhitchens_uk Great article. 100% agree and it's time others woke up to it!"

Nottingham Trent Tory Leader Nadim Muslim said - "@joshhitchens_uk It would seem that way. Think the issues you suggest are concentrated at higher-leagued universities."

Tory Council candidate, CF member & deputy chairman for London South Mario Creatura said - "@joshhitchens_uk Excellent piece Josh - couldn't agree more. @CroydonCF is doing lots along those lines:"

And Nicholas Layden, Chair of Aberdeen CF said - "@joshhitchens_uk Good article of yours in @Telegraph - fully agree with you on need to diversify in order to grow the party."

UKIP Business Spokesperson Has Own Business Raided by Border Cops.

You just couldn't make it up.

TBG can confirm that the very man in charge of business policy in UKIP recently had his own business raided by border officials.

Multi-Millionaire Amjad Bashir had one of his take-away outlets in the Greater Manchester area raided last year.

It was in regard to allegations of using "cheap foreign labour".

He escaped with a hefty fine.

The Home Office has confirmed to TBG that seven people were arrested for immigration offences at the Zouk Tea Bar but UKIP tonight said that since the raid Mr Bashir has "stood down" as a director of the company.

Is Career Politician Hunter-Clarke Going For More Glory?

TBG has learned tonight that Skegness' favourite career politician and new UKIP N.E.C. Member Robin Hunter-Clarke has his eyes on more glory next year.

Hunter-Clarke has been bragging on Twitter that UKIP are eyeing up more glory on General Election Day when he goes for more success in the East Lindsey District Council election.

One noticeable problem though is that UKIP's only known policy as regards ELDC is to "scrap it completely."

Once a career politician always a career politician.

He'll be standing for Young Independence Chair next.

LEAKED: UKIP Getting Over-Confident.

As if Nigel Farage's weekend didn't begin bad enough after his car crash interview on LBC earlier its just got worse.

TBG can exclusively and sensationally reveal that Nigel Farage's UKIP are ALREADY inviting members and supporters from the South East to a celebration party, "to celebrate what we anticipate will be some great results in the Local Government and European Elections!"

The invites went out earlier this week from their new regional office on Church Street in Basingstoke in Hampshire.

Their old regional office in Sussex was the subject of an expenses row.

The celebration event includes a Gala Dinner at The Congress Theatre in Eastbourne on the evening of Friday 6th June and a "Meet your newly-elected MEP Lunch" a day later in The Floral Hall of the same theatre.

Tickets for the Dinner are a whopping £45 and are being booked at

TBG understands that as Nicholas Soames said with William Hague and Henry Smith in Sussex earlier, "UKIP are in for a big surprise!"

UKIP Candidate Forgets Which Seat He's Standing For in Crawley.

[Pic source: Crawley News]

A UKIP candidate in the running for next week's Crawley Council elections seems to have forgotten which ward he is actually assigned to according to local reports, TBG can reveal.

Steven Wade, UKIP candidate for Ifield in Crawley, responded to questions sent to him by local rag Crawley News, but the rag says he "seems to be confused about where he hopes to get elected".

Reports say that Wade said he had, "listened to the views of many residents across Pound Hill" and promised to make sure "your voices are heard independently and rise up above party politics for the good of Pound Hill South".

The embarrassing revelations led to a probably red-faced UKIP Crawley Chairman and candidate Lee Gilroy explaining to reporters at the local rag that - "Mr Wade's answers had become mixed up after he helped the actual Pound Hill South and Worth candidate, Emma Barton."

Chairman Gilroy confirmed - "Steven is definitely our Ifield candidate." Then went onto reveal candidates were basically sending the same answers to Crawley News.

"Emma was not sure what to write because she is a new candidate. Steven kindly offered to put together an example of what points to make. He clearly then got mixed up when sending over his own final answers" - said Gilroy.

Crawley News say - "The similarities between Mr Wade's and Ms Barton's answers are clear to see. Both claim they have 'seen many changes to the town' and will make sure residents' 'voices are heard independently and rise up above party politics' in exactly the same wording."

DASHTory Hyatt Returns to 'Evil' Conservative Party.

TOP ACTIVIST DASHTory Dean Hyatt has announced his intention to return to the Conservative Party almost a year to the day he quit in a blaze of publicity blasting the Party's "interventions" as "inherently evil" and calling on David Cameron to resign, TBG can reveal.

Upon the earth shattering announcement one year ago Hyatt told the world - "I never felt this was my natural home, having met people within the party who understand little of the economy and would take it upon themselves to-do what socialists do and intervene in everyone’s life. The conservative are far from limited state, pro-market principles. As a classical liberal, such interventions are an inherently evil. I look forward to see David Cameron’s Resignation [sic]."

Hyatt soon joined the Lib Dems after leaving the Tories in an attempt to "introduce Classical Liberalism back into the Liberal Democrats". But his efforts now seem to have been in vain.

DASHTory has announced he will now return to the Tory Party, saying on his blog - "I have finally decided to join back with the Conservative Party, to many of you I am sure are pleased and others having always expected this. I made a very big mistake joining another party and only now have I absorbed the reality of what has happened.

"I will certainly be getting involved again as I have missed canvassing for the team but will have to ease into it again. I hope to see those on the Road Trip this weekend. I will not be engaging with my local association for a good while."

We Now Have A Surging Economy.

The latest economic figures proves two things. Firstly that the Conservatives Long-Term Economic Plan is working and secondly that, for Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls the game is up.

Record numbers in work, record self-employed, full-timers on the rise, and unemployment down 133,000.

People need to realise that allowing Labour back into Government would be the political equivalent of handing back the keys to the party that caused the crash in the first place with their wrecking tax and spend policies.

Labour have opposed every crucial economic decision taken by the Conservatives and as a result instead of the debilitating welfare dependency that we saw under Blair and Brown we now have a surging economy.

The country has a right to be buoyant and so do the Conservatives under the magnificent leadership of David Cameron.