Would the Real Ray Finch Please Stand Up.


UKIP Councillor for Bedhampton and Leigh Park and UKIP candidate number four for the European Elections in the South East, Ray Finch, recently told a public meeting in Fareham that:

"What UKIP MEPs will do is tell you what’s going on there (EU). We’ll come back to this country and be knocking on doors, we will be going to radio, television, and the local press.

"If you vote for any other party what you will get essentially is a button-pressing monkey because they can’t do anything, if they tell you they can, they’re lying. Meaning in between the lines vote for me and I will represent you fairly."

So, TBG decided to do some research on Mr Finch who was elected on to Hampshire County Council last May and failed in a bid to be elected as UKIP P.P.C. for Havant in November even though the selection meeting was smack bang in the middle of his own ward.

Our research shows that between 1st October 2013 and 31st December 2013 Mr Finch attended just THREE Council meetings.

Turns out that Finch is well known for making big promises.

Finch stood against high profile Chris Huhne at the last election and declared in the campaign that he would move to live in the constituency should he be elected.

Yet it turns out that instead of fighting on his own ground in Eastleigh, Finch spent lots of his time instead campaigning in Buckingham where UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was standing rather than his own Eastleigh constituency.

As a result Finch gained just 3.6% of the vote.

TBG has learnt that on hearing the result Ray commented to a source that if Nigel Farage won in Buckingham then he would feel vindicated at having spent so much time away from his own constituency.

Farage was thrashed even getting 4,000 fewer votes than a pro-EU independent.

In the words of a local Eastleigh blogger - "Mr Finch seems to be blinded to reality by his hero worship of a third rate political chancer in Nigel Farage."

"How sad that he seemed to be the only person in the world who thought Nigel Farage could beat John Bercow. But that's Ray Finch for you!"