UKIP's Wood Told to Get Some Training.

UKIP councillor and former YI Chairman candidate, Chris Wood, has been told to get training after apparently "misunderstanding" council rules on speaking at meetings, TBG can reveal.

UKIP's Wood faced pedantic scrutiny after he rose at a meeting at Hampshire County Council and spoke about resurfacing the runway at a local airfield. Amazingly, even a county council conduct panel met to decide if Cllr Wood should face an investigation.

Chris Wood declared a financial interest before speaking about the runway, but rivals and colleagues say he didn't have an interest as he still lives and hangs out in his parents' house.

Also UKIP Gosport PPC, Chris Wood sensationally claimed to local press that the complainant was not even present at the meeting. But, it's not the first time Wood has dropped a clanger.

The UKIP councillor told local reporters - "I didn’t take it all that seriously. Everyone at the meeting knew my house backs on to the airfield. I didn’t think I’d actually done anything wrong and if I had done anything wrong then I thought they’d tell me."

"I’m 24, I’m new at this, and the panel respects that. It’ll be an hour’s further training."

Wood has now been invited to have legal training on the Hampshire County Council code of conduct.