UKIP Leader is Yet Again Eyeing-up a Seat in Westminster.

So, despite Nigel Farage being almost certain to be returned to the European Parliament in a few weeks time, I see the Ukip Leader is yet again eyeing up a seat at the UK Parliament in Westminster.

People need to beware of what a clever political opportunist this man is.

Only on Monday night at a public meeting in Hampshire Mr Farage was all but calling for Independent MP Mike Hancock to stand down and have a by-election where he can stand due to the fact that Mike has been in hospital since February and according to some sources is "seriously ill".

His spokesperson Ray Finch even played up the Portsmouth South seat as a potential "Ukip capital".

Yet just a few days later and the Ukip Leader was thinking of diverting his efforts 200 miles away to the Newark and Retford by-election where he has no local connection whatsoever, though has apparently now ruled it out.

If this doesn't underline what an opportunist Farage is then nothing will.