UKIP Keep it in The Family - Crawley.

NOMINATIONS have just been published for the Crawley Borough Council elections and it's clear to see its not just in Lincoln where UKIP keep it in the family due to lack of interest.

Crawley relatives Casey Leigh Lavington, Craig Burke and Alison Burke are all standing for UKIP, TBG can reveal.

Casey is standing in Bewbush, Craig in Pound Hill North and Alison in West Green.

Alison Burke is a former Conservative councillor for Ifield from 2008 to 2012 when she lost her seat by a large margin. She defected to UKIP last August along with the landslide no confidence Chairman and Deputy Chairman, Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson.

Alison is married to Conservative Lee Burke who according to sources, "is not seeking re-election as a Councillor for Pound Hill South and Worth".

TBG understands Craig Burke is Lee Burke's son & Alison's stepson. Whilst Casey Leigh Lavington is Alison Burke's daughter and Lee's stepdaughter.