Tory MPs' Mini EU Referendum To Go Ahead.

The news that Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone are both to hold mini E.U. Referendums in their respective parliamentary constituencies proves yet again that not only are the Conservatives the only party with the power to make this reality but also the only party with any power that is absolutely committed to looser ties with the E.U.

It is so good for democratic freedom too.

The choice at the next General Election is now crystal clear.

Either more integration, more red tape and more bureaucracy under Labour with the support of the pro E.U. Liberal Democrats or a cast iron guarantee of an in or out referendum on the E.U. subject to an outright majority for Cameron's Conservatives.

Ukip are powerless fruitcakes, Labour are fanatical animals, Lib Dems are useless obstacles which means that only Cameron's Conservatives can make it all really happen by giving power to the people.