Tory Chairman Says 'Act of Political Vandalism' Means Conservatives Should Go Into Opposition.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE Conservatives are at war today after their Chairman, Nick Clarke, released a sensational blog post in which he says he thinks that his pals in the local Leading Conservative Council Group should go into opposition rather than serve in a "rainbow coalition", TBG can reveal.

The former Tory Group Leader on Cambs County Council (CCC) who was voted out when the Tories lost their majority last year, Clarke, was commenting on the pending switch to a coalition 'committee system' within CCC. Cross-party panels will take over decision-making from the Tory-led cabinet next month and Nick Clarke said it would lead to the councillors becoming a slave to the rubber stamping of officers’ proposals.

Clarke slammed the upcoming changes as an "act of political vandalism", on his blog he said - "What should the majority Conservative group do? It is clear they will have no power, or authority but may very well take the flak for decisions made by the rainbow coalition.

"I think it is time to give the power-hungry rainbow coalition responsibility for their selfish political decisions. It is time for the Conservatives to go into opposition and let us see how successful they are at holding the coalition together.

"Labour, UKIP and the Liberal Democrats all trying to agree. That should be worth watching."