Tory Candidate and UKIP Leader in Head On Clash.

Farage (right) and Flick (left)

"It was good old fashioned politics."

Those were the words of Tory Campaign Manager Glynne Bartlett as UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and Tory Parliamentary Candidate Flick Drummond came face-to-face in Portsmouth City Centre yesterday.

Clever Tories had laid on a market stall near the Commercial Road Fountain in readiness for a Farage walkabout and they got exactly what they wanted.

Footage from BBC South Today shows the Tory candidate and UKIP Leader meeting head on and clashing on the issue of Europe.

It didn't stop there either.

Last night, as well as being jeered on entry to a UKIP Rally by tens of supporters from the local Socialist Coalition and Green Party who are contesting seats on the local council next month, members of the public were also greeted by local Tories in blue rosettes out in force handing out leaflets and campaign material ahead of the European elections.

Local activists said that "if ever there was a case of the Tories tackling UKIP head-on then this was it."