TBG Q&A: Tory Councillor Simon Bosher.

TORY Councillor Simon Bosher has exclusively taken part in a TBG Q&A in the run-up to the local elections. The Portsmouth Councillor will defend his seat in Drayton and Farlington ward this May.

What did you eat at breakfast?

"This morning I had a croissant for breakfast."

So, what’s it like standing for an election again?

"As with every election, I am always nervous, but determined."

How do you plan to continue to represent Drayton and Farlington?

"I plan to continue representing D&F to the best of my ability, I've lived in Farlington for almost 50 years now, so for me it is about serving my community, where my wider family and friends live."

What’s your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"I'm not much of a fizzy pop drinker but probably a cold lemonade with ice and a slice on a hot day."

Do you have any further aspirations within the Tory party?

"No I don't have any further aspirations, I prefer to focus on the job I was elected to do."