TBG Q&A: Tory Councillor Luke Stubbs.

TORY Councillor Luke Stubbs has taken part in a TBG Q&A with roving reporter Geoff Brooking. Stubbs is Councillor and Conservative Candidate for Eastney and Craneswater in Portsmouth South.

What did you eat at breakfast?

"Crumpets with marmalade washed down with tea and apple juice."

So, what’s it like standing for an election again?

"Elections are incredibly time consuming. With 10000 electors and over 5000 front doors in my ward, campaigning is a lot of work. It’s all quite exciting though, particularly as I am in a marginal seat."

How do you plan to continue to represent Eastney and Craneswater?

"To continue to campaign on local issues and to continue to push for Portsmouth City Council to be leaner and more responsive. An effective opposition can influence an administration. An effective ward councillor can get things done in his patch."

What’s your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"Diet coke, although I don’t much like the normal sugary coke. I live mostly on tea, fruit juice and beer though."

Do you have any further aspirations within the Tory party?

"Only to see a Conservative majority on Portsmouth City Council."