Tory Youth Members in Controversy Over Pro-Life Candidate Support.

[PIC @OxfordCityTory] OUCA and a senior CF member campaign for Bhagwandin

LABOUR students have slammed Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) and Conservative Future (CF) activists over their support for a Tory councillor candidate who is also a senior LIFE officer & activist, a pro-life anti-abortion group which has been uncovered allegedly giving false advice to pregnant women, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Mark Bhagwandin is running as the Conservative candidate for Headington Hill and Northway this May and is a senior officer in the Thames Valley branch of the controversial pro-life campaign group LIFE.

Reports say - "Sexual health charity 'Brook' have condemned LIFE after counsellors allegedly told an undercover reporter that abortions increased the risk of breast cancer. LIFE was condemned again when MP for Oxford East, Andrew Smith, reported their adverts displayed on Oxford busses to the Advertising Standards Agency for giving the unrealistic impression that LIFE is offering impartial counselling."

Mark Bhagwandin, Chairman of the Oxford East Conservative Association, told local reporters - "My role in LIFE and in the Conservative Party, are separate and distinct. It is absolutely presumptuous for Labour students to try to dictate to political candidates what groups they should or shouldn’t be associated with."

OUCA President James Heywood defended OUCA saying - "OUCA is a branch of the Conservative Party. As such we campaign for the Party, not individual candidates. We don’t have our own separate policy agenda, and frankly any society which is part of a political party but has such a separate platform cannot view itself as a serious branch of that party."