Mike Hancock MP Runs For Council Again Despite Still Being in Hospital.

Mike Hancock's medical condition has been a cause of concern for some months now.

Yet despite a spokesperson for the Portsmouth South MP telling his local rag, The Portsmouth News, last night that he STILL remains in hospital, Hancock fails to give up, TBG can reveal.

Nominations published by Portsmouth City Council show that both Mike and wife Jacqui are back seeking re-election next month.

Along with Steven George from the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party, both Conservative David Tompkins and Labour's Thomas Coles are working hard.

However, TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking says he thinks Mike and Jacqui will both survive, telling TBG - "The fact that John Pickett is standing for the Trades Union and Socialist Coalition and Julie Swann is standing for Ukip in Fratton Ward and both also have candidates against Jacqui in Charles Dickens Ward really puts a spanner in the works."

"They will almost certainly split the left and right wing vote."