TPA take 'War on Waste' Campaign to Lewisham.

THINK TANK The Taxpayers' Alliance is set to have a special campaign day headlined the 'War on Waste' spearheaded by popular centre-right activist Mahyar Tousi in Lewisham, London, TBG can reveal.

Inspiring activists from across the political spectrum are set to attend including top Tories, young 'kippers including the former UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comely, as well as non-partisan activists who will take the fight to Lewisham where the Labour held council’s has decided to keep "shockingly" high levels of council tax and disproportionate levels of waste. This has apparently has caused major concern among local residents.

The campaign day is set to take place at 12pm on Saturday 19th April and will be followed by a sublime drinks event. Local and national press are expected to attend.

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