IDS Stands up to Crypto Communist & Euro-Fanatical Champagne Socialists in Brussels.

Well done Work and Pensions Secretary and Cabinet euro sceptic Iain Duncan Smith for proudly standing up to the crypto communist and euro-fanatical champagne socialists in Brussels, as regards 'IDS in clash over youth jobs'.

It is thanks to these failed socialist policies that Britain was left in such a mess by Labour in 2010.

Tax and spend has failed in Greece, failed in Spain, failed in Italy, and yes, under Labour, it failed in Britain.

It is thanks to tough spending decisions taken by the Conservatives that Britain has still got record low interest rates, along with falling unemployment, record low inflation, and rising growth.

All we need to put the icing on the cake is the E.U. Referendum in 2017 and then we can well and truly put socialism back to bed for another generation.

Yet only this can become a reality by sticking with Cameron's Conservatives.