Farage Eyes Portsmouth South With By-Election Call.

TBG has said for some time now that Nigel Farage has been on stand by for a by-election in Portsmouth South.

And last night the UKIP Leader told Portsmouth Lib Dems head-on that if Mike Hancock's health continues to decline and he can't do the job then there should be a by-election.

As TBG reported earlier this week, Hancock has been in hospital since February and remains there today "being treated for poor health."

Farage told a public meeting in Portsmouth last night - "I don't think I can prejudice innocence or guilt. But it looks like the people in Portsmouth South haven't really been represented at all."

"He hasn't been at the House of Commons for a very long time."

"I have been told that there is a very serious health issue."

"But is it right that constituents here are not really being represented?"

"The time may come for a by-election!"