EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Financial Trouble as Branches Told to Hand Over All Their Cash.

UKIP in the North West of England may be in dire financial trouble and want branches to hand over their cash, TBG can exclusively reveal.

UKIP's deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP has sent an internal email, leaked to TBG, to all branches in the North West of England appealing to all UKIP branches to loan ALL AVAILABLE BRANCH FUNDS to the region. This is said to help pay the cost of EU Election addresses believed to cost a whopping £40,000.

Nuttall says that - "This loan is guaranteed to be paid back to the branches before Xmas 2014."

The EU election address goes to each household in the North West and is a vital tool for spreading the UKIP message for all our EU and Local Council candidates on 22nd May.

Members were earlier told to contact the North West Regional Office on Telephone number 01524 387690 to give cash loans.

[UPDATE] UKIP U-Turn On Branch Cash Loans