EXCLUSIVE: Tories Slam UKIP Candidates as Financial 'Cowboys'.

Another UKIP Candidate revealed as Former Director of Infamous Crawley 'CCJ' Company

TORIES in Crawley have criticised the troubled branch of UKIP in Crawley after further revelations of what they call the "murky financial past" of "dubious companies" being set up and dissolved with massive unpaid debts by UKIP candidates, TBG can reveal.

UKIP candidate for Pound Hill South and Worth, Emma Marie Barton, was a Director of infamous Crawley building company Connacht Developments Limited from April 2008 until August 2009 when the company was dissolved.

Local Tories point out that Connacht Developments Limited was one of several companies set up and subsequently wound up with large debts by Crawley UKIP Chairman and Candidate for Southgate, Lee Gilroy. Mr Gilroy's companies had 14 known unpaid CCJS totalling nearly £42,000 of which Connacht Developments Limited has two unpaid CCJs in his name, one for £1185 and another for £497.

A Crawley TBG source said - "It is bad enough for Crawley UKIP to have one candidate who was a Director of a dubious company with unpaid CCJs, but to have two such candidates makes you wonder if UKIP's Crawley outfit is being run by cowboys? What would these UKIP candidates be like as councillors when handling public finances?"