EXCLUSIVE: PM Cameron Reiterates 2017 EU Referendum Pledge as Farage Gets Grief From Tory Activist.

PM and Team 2015 yesterday at CCHQ, London

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron last night gave the clearest guarantee yet that a Conservative Government after 2015 would deliver an EU Referendum in 2017.

In a conference call with party supporters including TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking, the P.M. For the first time Put his reputation on the line by promising not to "barter or give away" on his E.U referendum pledge.

Tony Blair made the same promise in 2010 but failed to deliver.

Geoff Brooking says it was impressive stuff - "I was invited to take part yesterday lunchtime and I have to say it was very top notch.

"If this is the sort of stuff we are in for come the General Election then I think Cameron will walk it."

Both Labour and the Lib Dems oppose the move.

Yet speaking at a public meeting in Portsmouth last night, after their EU election campaign launch, in response to a battle cry from Nigel Farage one tory member who managed to gain entry, using guerilla tactics, to the UKIP Rally accused Mr. Farage of being both "powerless to act" and a "political opportunist."