Britain Needs a Much Looser Relationship With The EU.

The news that "EU migrants flock to 'soft touch' Britain" (Daily Express, April 3rd, p2) is yet more disturbing evidence of the mess left behind by the last Labour Government.

It simply underlines the failings of a system that encouraged open door migration and a benefits culture that almost ruined our country.

It also proves why Britain needs a much looser relationship with the E.U. if we are to stay in at all.

Under Labour it paid not to work at all and their open door migration policy led to so many young talents being left to rot.

Under the Conservatives we have record new numbers of apprenticeships to deal with the skills shortage, we have policies in place to deal with those who can work but choose not too and above all their are plans in place for a referendum in 2017 to either stay in or leave the E.U.

Ukip can say all that they like but at the end of the day because they have no MPs in Westminster they are powerless to act.

And even where they do have power at the European Parliament their attendance records, voting records, and expenses claims that include Nigel Farage employing both his wife and an alleged ex-mistress are appalling.

This in itself simply proves once again that when it comes to the E.U. only Cameron's Conservatives can lead the way.