Benefits Bonanza is Over as Families See Handouts Cut.

I once again warmly congratulate our magnificent Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith for 'At last winning the war on benefits' now that '40,000 families lose handouts in benefits war'.

I will gladly excuse I.D.S. for not rolling out Universal Credit just yet given the mess inherited from the last government.

A Labour Government that gladly allowed work not to pay and those who chose to stay at home behind the closed curtains get away scot free.

People need to realise that when the welfare state was introduced it was there as a safety net for people in hard times not as a free-for-all which Labour turned it into.

The fact that before the biggest welfare reforms for 70 years were introduced by the Conservatives some households were getting up to £900 a week in tax-payer funded no questions asked welfare payments was an absolute insult to those of us who choose to get a job and get on in life.

The Conservatives have done a superb job on this issue but more needs to be done.

In the interests of fairness and accountability everybody claiming sickness benefits needs keeping a check on all of the time and not written off for life as so many were under Labour, Universal Credit needs to be rolled out nationwide and any civil servant caught trying to delay it should be severely disciplined, and yes, if anybody refuses any job without good reason then they too should be disciplined in the form of sanctions.

Times have changed and so should our benefits system with it.