Appalling Attitude Toward Benefit System Exposed.

As a former constituent of both Simon Danczuk and Sinead Clarkson in the Borough of Rochdale I am absolutely appalled at her breathtaking attitude towards Britain's benefits system.

For Simon Danczuk to ask "What planet is this woman on" though is not just an understatement but also blatant hypocrisy considering what Labour did to the benefits system when it was in power.

The sad fact of the matter is that under Labour it was the 'in thing' for female youngsters to go out and get pregnant as early as possible in life so as to cash in on the benefits system.

Thankfully, the coalition have introduced a benefits cap to crack down on this sort of thing but I believe more can be done.

If people cannot afford to pay for the upkeep of children then they should be taken away and considered for adoption in order to help childless couples from going through costly fertility treatment.

After all, was it not Simon Danczuk's Labour Party who spent so much money on so called 'sex education', plus free issuing of the pill and condoms on the NHS was it not?

Fat lot of good that did!

At the end of the day what this case exposes is a blatant waste tax payer's money by people deliberately taking advantage of the benefits system and it should be stopped as soon as possible.