UKIP Leader is Yet Again Eyeing-up a Seat in Westminster.

So, despite Nigel Farage being almost certain to be returned to the European Parliament in a few weeks time, I see the Ukip Leader is yet again eyeing up a seat at the UK Parliament in Westminster.

People need to beware of what a clever political opportunist this man is.

Only on Monday night at a public meeting in Hampshire Mr Farage was all but calling for Independent MP Mike Hancock to stand down and have a by-election where he can stand due to the fact that Mike has been in hospital since February and according to some sources is "seriously ill".

His spokesperson Ray Finch even played up the Portsmouth South seat as a potential "Ukip capital".

Yet just a few days later and the Ukip Leader was thinking of diverting his efforts 200 miles away to the Newark and Retford by-election where he has no local connection whatsoever, though has apparently now ruled it out.

If this doesn't underline what an opportunist Farage is then nothing will.

Quote Of The Day.

"You f*cking plant!" 

Havant UKIP PPC John Perry on being offered a Tory Leaflet by TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking, who acted as a plant for TBG in UKIP for several months before being ejected from the Party.

Missing Kipper Found Safe & Well.

Havant Kipper Raymond Finch was found safe and well last night after a missing persons appeal was launched, TBG can reveal.

Yet instead of promising all things to all men like he did prior to his election on to Hampshire County Council last May, last night he was promising all things to all men to the people of Portsmouth.

This in itself has heightened the speculation sparked by TBG some time ago that 'The Finch' is set to replace Douglas Denny as Portsmouth South P.P.C should a by-election take place.

Finch told his Portsmouth audience that the naval city "is full of ordinary, patriotic, hard-working people" and even suggested that it is "the ideal UKIP capital city."

And in remarks almost a carbon copy of what he said in Bedhampton and Leigh Park last year UKIP's number four list candidate for the South-East said:

"It's about time we stood up for who we are and let people know our identity."

TBG thinks anyone who wants to know that should look at his woeful attendance record as Leader of the UKIP Group on Hampshire County Council.

Farage Eyes Portsmouth South With By-Election Call.

TBG has said for some time now that Nigel Farage has been on stand by for a by-election in Portsmouth South.

And last night the UKIP Leader told Portsmouth Lib Dems head-on that if Mike Hancock's health continues to decline and he can't do the job then there should be a by-election.

As TBG reported earlier this week, Hancock has been in hospital since February and remains there today "being treated for poor health."

Farage told a public meeting in Portsmouth last night - "I don't think I can prejudice innocence or guilt. But it looks like the people in Portsmouth South haven't really been represented at all."

"He hasn't been at the House of Commons for a very long time."

"I have been told that there is a very serious health issue."

"But is it right that constituents here are not really being represented?"

"The time may come for a by-election!"

Tory Candidate and UKIP Leader in Head On Clash.

Farage (right) and Flick (left)

"It was good old fashioned politics."

Those were the words of Tory Campaign Manager Glynne Bartlett as UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and Tory Parliamentary Candidate Flick Drummond came face-to-face in Portsmouth City Centre yesterday.

Clever Tories had laid on a market stall near the Commercial Road Fountain in readiness for a Farage walkabout and they got exactly what they wanted.

Footage from BBC South Today shows the Tory candidate and UKIP Leader meeting head on and clashing on the issue of Europe.

It didn't stop there either.

Last night, as well as being jeered on entry to a UKIP Rally by tens of supporters from the local Socialist Coalition and Green Party who are contesting seats on the local council next month, members of the public were also greeted by local Tories in blue rosettes out in force handing out leaflets and campaign material ahead of the European elections.

Local activists said that "if ever there was a case of the Tories tackling UKIP head-on then this was it."

EXCLUSIVE: PM Cameron Reiterates 2017 EU Referendum Pledge as Farage Gets Grief From Tory Activist.

PM and Team 2015 yesterday at CCHQ, London

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron last night gave the clearest guarantee yet that a Conservative Government after 2015 would deliver an EU Referendum in 2017.

In a conference call with party supporters including TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking, the P.M. For the first time Put his reputation on the line by promising not to "barter or give away" on his E.U referendum pledge.

Tony Blair made the same promise in 2010 but failed to deliver.

Geoff Brooking says it was impressive stuff - "I was invited to take part yesterday lunchtime and I have to say it was very top notch.

"If this is the sort of stuff we are in for come the General Election then I think Cameron will walk it."

Both Labour and the Lib Dems oppose the move.

Yet speaking at a public meeting in Portsmouth last night, after their EU election campaign launch, in response to a battle cry from Nigel Farage one tory member who managed to gain entry, using guerilla tactics, to the UKIP Rally accused Mr. Farage of being both "powerless to act" and a "political opportunist."

UKIP Campaign Bus Crash.


Things have not entirely gone to plan for UKIP in Portsmouth so far today after launching their Euro Election campaign in the city.

TBG can reveal that about an hour ago the party's campaign bus collided with a bridge below Portsmouth and Southsea Railway Station.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Tory #RoadTrip2015 Video Premier - Enfield.

Tory army take the battle to Enfield - #RoadTrip2015


EXCLUSIVE: Young Tory Candidate Quits London Uni Conservative Race Over Social Media Abuse.

KCL President and LUC candidate Ben Judge (center) forced to call off hounds

A CONSERVATIVE PARTY candidate for the umbrella organisation London Universities' Conservatives (LUC) Chairmanship has sensationally quit the race after his opponent, Ben Judge, allies attacked him online with a "deluge of abusive messages" for having a "light-hearted" joke on Twitter, TBG can reveal.

The "hounding" of London School of Economics (LSE) Leader and LUC candidate, Josh Hitchens, continued after apparent Kings College London (KCL) committee members discovered a blog post about increasing ethnic minority involvement in the Conservative Party. Criticising the society for inviting the vile & ghastly UKIP'er Godfrey Bloom to talk at a descriptively pompous KCL Tory event.

The blog post says - "A University (KCL) ran their AGM slightly differently to ours. Upon entering, attendees were greeted with classical music and a portrait of the queen. The agenda was concluded by the singing of the national anthem. The same association thought it was appropriate to invite Godfrey Bloom to talk, the former UKIPPER who called women at his conference sluts, the third world bongo bongo land and asked a disabled student at Oxford whether he was Richard III."

Ben Judge had to rush to stop his colleagues' alleged battering of Josh Hitchens with a status on KCL's Facebook Page.

Thank God he's not a real Judge: KCL President appeals for calm and promotes his next event

TBG understands many London Tory members were appalled by the behaviour of the KCL committee. Chair' of UCL Conservatives said - "I am extremely disappointed to hear of this sort of activity within LUC. I do hope this won't put you (Josh Hitchens) off running - a bit of competition is good for the organisation and the debate about how we progress. I'd certainly be sad to see you step back in such circumstances, especially when so unrepresentative of the LUC experience as a whole."

Sources have exclusively revealed Josh Hitchens response to the attack.

TBG can confirm Josh has said - "The whole experience was incredibly distressing. Due to the sheer quantity of abuse and harassment I decided to withdraw from the running's and endorsed Ben hoping that this would cause members of KCL Conservatives to stop what was an intentional and orchestrated campaign of cyber bullying.

"I would like to emphasise that KCL Tory Society is an outstanding society and has made great contributions to London University Conservatives as a whole, however this kind of intimidation, abuse and cyber bullying should have no place either in our party as a whole or in student politics. I am reviewing my decision not to stand as it was made in light of an unpleasant and unacceptable personal attack campaign."

MISSING: Raymond Finch.

An appeal was last night launched for missing 'Kipper Raymond Finch, TBG can reveal.

Despite winning a seat on Hampshire County Council to represent the Bedhampton and Leigh Park Division last May, being a personal assistant to Nigel Farage in London and candidate number four for the European Parliament elections, Finch has been very conspicuous by his absence since missing out on becoming P.P.C for Havant earlier this year.

So much so that constituents have even been writing to the local paper voicing concern at his notorious attendance record both in public and at council meetings.

Local Lib Dem Faith Ponsonby told TBG earlier that she found it "odd" and "interesting" that UKIP "haven't fielded a single candidate" in the county ward Finch won in a protest vote last year.

As TBG reported Saturday, a candidates crisis exposed by TBG way back in February means UKIP are fielding just six candidates out of a possible fourteen for Havant Borough Council even though Finch was fully eligible to stand.

Hundreds of Tory Activists Descend on Enfield for #RoadTrip2015.

Via @ParlStreet

Mike Hancock MP Runs For Council Again Despite Still Being in Hospital.

Mike Hancock's medical condition has been a cause of concern for some months now.

Yet despite a spokesperson for the Portsmouth South MP telling his local rag, The Portsmouth News, last night that he STILL remains in hospital, Hancock fails to give up, TBG can reveal.

Nominations published by Portsmouth City Council show that both Mike and wife Jacqui are back seeking re-election next month.

Along with Steven George from the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party, both Conservative David Tompkins and Labour's Thomas Coles are working hard.

However, TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking says he thinks Mike and Jacqui will both survive, telling TBG - "The fact that John Pickett is standing for the Trades Union and Socialist Coalition and Julie Swann is standing for Ukip in Fratton Ward and both also have candidates against Jacqui in Charles Dickens Ward really puts a spanner in the works."

"They will almost certainly split the left and right wing vote."

UKIP Candidate Crisis Confirmed.

A few weeks back TBG exclusively revealed that UKIP were desperate for candidates.

Well, UKIP have today suffered a major setback in the Hampshire Borough of Havant.

TBG can confirm that out of the fourteen seats being contested, TBG have managed to get candidates in just six of them.

Spokesperson for UKIP in Havant John Perry says that he is disappointed his party is fielding so few candidates in the borough.

Perry says his party will have more next year.

Perry told TBG - "I'm determined that we will have more candidates next year. We are going to have a membership drive."

UKIP Keep it in The Family - Crawley.

NOMINATIONS have just been published for the Crawley Borough Council elections and it's clear to see its not just in Lincoln where UKIP keep it in the family due to lack of interest.

Crawley relatives Casey Leigh Lavington, Craig Burke and Alison Burke are all standing for UKIP, TBG can reveal.

Casey is standing in Bewbush, Craig in Pound Hill North and Alison in West Green.

Alison Burke is a former Conservative councillor for Ifield from 2008 to 2012 when she lost her seat by a large margin. She defected to UKIP last August along with the landslide no confidence Chairman and Deputy Chairman, Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson.

Alison is married to Conservative Lee Burke who according to sources, "is not seeking re-election as a Councillor for Pound Hill South and Worth".

TBG understands Craig Burke is Lee Burke's son & Alison's stepson. Whilst Casey Leigh Lavington is Alison Burke's daughter and Lee's stepdaughter.

EXCLUSIVE: Tories Slam UKIP Candidates as Financial 'Cowboys'.

Another UKIP Candidate revealed as Former Director of Infamous Crawley 'CCJ' Company

TORIES in Crawley have criticised the troubled branch of UKIP in Crawley after further revelations of what they call the "murky financial past" of "dubious companies" being set up and dissolved with massive unpaid debts by UKIP candidates, TBG can reveal.

UKIP candidate for Pound Hill South and Worth, Emma Marie Barton, was a Director of infamous Crawley building company Connacht Developments Limited from April 2008 until August 2009 when the company was dissolved.

Local Tories point out that Connacht Developments Limited was one of several companies set up and subsequently wound up with large debts by Crawley UKIP Chairman and Candidate for Southgate, Lee Gilroy. Mr Gilroy's companies had 14 known unpaid CCJS totalling nearly £42,000 of which Connacht Developments Limited has two unpaid CCJs in his name, one for £1185 and another for £497.

A Crawley TBG source said - "It is bad enough for Crawley UKIP to have one candidate who was a Director of a dubious company with unpaid CCJs, but to have two such candidates makes you wonder if UKIP's Crawley outfit is being run by cowboys? What would these UKIP candidates be like as councillors when handling public finances?"

Tory Youth Members in Controversy Over Pro-Life Candidate Support.

[PIC @OxfordCityTory] OUCA and a senior CF member campaign for Bhagwandin

LABOUR students have slammed Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) and Conservative Future (CF) activists over their support for a Tory councillor candidate who is also a senior LIFE officer & activist, a pro-life anti-abortion group which has been uncovered allegedly giving false advice to pregnant women, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Mark Bhagwandin is running as the Conservative candidate for Headington Hill and Northway this May and is a senior officer in the Thames Valley branch of the controversial pro-life campaign group LIFE.

Reports say - "Sexual health charity 'Brook' have condemned LIFE after counsellors allegedly told an undercover reporter that abortions increased the risk of breast cancer. LIFE was condemned again when MP for Oxford East, Andrew Smith, reported their adverts displayed on Oxford busses to the Advertising Standards Agency for giving the unrealistic impression that LIFE is offering impartial counselling."

Mark Bhagwandin, Chairman of the Oxford East Conservative Association, told local reporters - "My role in LIFE and in the Conservative Party, are separate and distinct. It is absolutely presumptuous for Labour students to try to dictate to political candidates what groups they should or shouldn’t be associated with."

OUCA President James Heywood defended OUCA saying - "OUCA is a branch of the Conservative Party. As such we campaign for the Party, not individual candidates. We don’t have our own separate policy agenda, and frankly any society which is part of a political party but has such a separate platform cannot view itself as a serious branch of that party."

'Borrowing is Slashed'.

The news for George Osborne that "Borrowing is slashed" shows yet again how Cameron's Conservatives are on the side of hard working people when it comes to building a resilient economy.

As well as the reduction in borrowing the last few months have seen a forecast growth of 2.7%, a projected 1.5 million new jobs over the next five years not to mention the deficit down by a third.

Add to that the news that the tax-free childcare scheme is to rise from £1,200 to £2,000 a year per child, that from next April the average taxpayer will pay £800 less income tax a year, the fact that pensioners are getting more freedom and flexibility over their pensions, fuel duty remains frozen, and that even more homes including a new Garden City of 15,000 are to be built so as to help more hardworking people get onto the housing ladder and the message is clear for all to see:

Only Cameron's Conservatives have a long-term vision for a better Britain.

Letwin And Farage Set to go Head-to-Head.

Oliver Letwin and Richard Robinson will be launching the Conservatives Local and European Election Campaigns in Portsmouth on Monday, TBG can exclusively reveal.

The event coincides with Nigel Farage launching UKIP's campaign in the same city on the same day.

TBG can exclusively reveal that at the very heart of the Conservatives campaign is an historic "City Deal" between Group Leader Donna Jones and Cities Minister Gregg Clark that is set to create a whopping 17,000 new jobs in the area.

TBG can confirm that Drayton and Farlington candidate Simon Bosher will say in the manifesto to be launched on Monday that "This deal will help the long-term unemployed get back to work and ensure that people have the skills employers in Portsmouth need."

[VIDEO] Tory #RoadTrip2015 Dramatic Teaser Trailer.

Attend the Enfield Road Trip Campaign this Saturday

EXCLUSIVE: 'Intellectual Property' Row Conservative Leaves Party to Become a UKIP Candidate.

New UKIP Campaign Manager in Crawley, Mr Darroch

Crawley Conservatives are rumoured to be "cheerful" and that they "could not believe their luck" at the news that a former Council candidate in 2012, Simon Darroch, has sensationally defected to UKIP and would be standing as the UKIP candidate for Maidenbower in next month's local elections, TBG can reveal.

Mr Darroch was the Conservative candidate for Broadfield North in 2012, but it is believed was subsequently removed from their candidates list after "concerns about behaviours", say Tory sources.

Last summer, amid a No Confidence vote in the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, Mr Darroch became embroiled in an 'Intellectual Property' row with Crawley MP Henry Smith. Mr Darroch claimed Mr Smith had been pinching his ideas for three years as well having reneged on a deal struck by PM David Cameron, for them to work together on implementing a document Simon had written about how to 'fix the country'.

A source close to Crawley Conservatives said that they were "cheerful" and "couldn't believe their luck" at the news of Mr Darroch's defection. They were also said to be "primed to deeply embarrass UKIP at a local and national level" if Darroch and Branch Chairman Lee Gilroy, formally become nominated UKIP candidates in the Crawley local elections.

IDS Stands up to Crypto Communist & Euro-Fanatical Champagne Socialists in Brussels.

Well done Work and Pensions Secretary and Cabinet euro sceptic Iain Duncan Smith for proudly standing up to the crypto communist and euro-fanatical champagne socialists in Brussels, as regards 'IDS in clash over youth jobs'.

It is thanks to these failed socialist policies that Britain was left in such a mess by Labour in 2010.

Tax and spend has failed in Greece, failed in Spain, failed in Italy, and yes, under Labour, it failed in Britain.

It is thanks to tough spending decisions taken by the Conservatives that Britain has still got record low interest rates, along with falling unemployment, record low inflation, and rising growth.

All we need to put the icing on the cake is the E.U. Referendum in 2017 and then we can well and truly put socialism back to bed for another generation.

Yet only this can become a reality by sticking with Cameron's Conservatives.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Chairman Grant Shapps Backs #RoadTrip2015.

AFTER the Cannock and Harlow Tory Road Trip which has been massively successful, Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps has asked the team to be the main campaign machine for next years General Election campaign, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Tory HQ and the Chairmans office will be providing glam rewards for activists and they've also asked Tory activists to continue sensational video blogs. The next campaign is in Enfield on 26th April - next Saturday.

A main Tory involved with #RoadTrip2015 told TBG on his way to the TPA War on Waste campaign today that - "The #RoadTrip2015 campaign team is getting huge."

Attend the next Road Trip to Enfield, more details here.

UPDATE Tues 22-04-2014

Farage And His Dodgy Constituency Office.

The UKIP leader has been forced into issuing another rebuttal as regards claims he might have abused EU expenses.

Farage is alleging that the allegations are a "politically motivated attack".

Now where has TBG heard that before?

The Electoral Commission has said it is to write to UKIP for "clarification" about Mr Farage's constituency office.

The Times said Mr Farage received £15,500 a year to run the small office near Bognor Regis - but it had been provided rent-free by UKIP supporters.

The Electoral Commission's records suggest the property, a converted grain store, has not been declared since 2004 when two donations totalling £1,100 were registered.

TBG understands that the office in question was run by of Farage's personal assistants and former Havant Chairman Steve Crowther before he became the National Party Chairman and the party's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Devon recently.

Another leading figure closely linked to the office is the Leader of UKIP on Hampshire County Council, the Leigh Park and Bedhampton Councillor Ray Finch.

Appalling Attitude Toward Benefit System Exposed.

As a former constituent of both Simon Danczuk and Sinead Clarkson in the Borough of Rochdale I am absolutely appalled at her breathtaking attitude towards Britain's benefits system.

For Simon Danczuk to ask "What planet is this woman on" though is not just an understatement but also blatant hypocrisy considering what Labour did to the benefits system when it was in power.

The sad fact of the matter is that under Labour it was the 'in thing' for female youngsters to go out and get pregnant as early as possible in life so as to cash in on the benefits system.

Thankfully, the coalition have introduced a benefits cap to crack down on this sort of thing but I believe more can be done.

If people cannot afford to pay for the upkeep of children then they should be taken away and considered for adoption in order to help childless couples from going through costly fertility treatment.

After all, was it not Simon Danczuk's Labour Party who spent so much money on so called 'sex education', plus free issuing of the pill and condoms on the NHS was it not?

Fat lot of good that did!

At the end of the day what this case exposes is a blatant waste tax payer's money by people deliberately taking advantage of the benefits system and it should be stopped as soon as possible.

UKIP U-Turn Over Branch Cash Loans.

Seems as though all hell has broken loose at UKIP in the North West.

Yesterday they sent an internal email to all members and branches begging for cash, which was subsequently leaked to and published by TBG.

Today they are telling members to ignore and discard it because, "it was sent in error and was not authorised by the Office of Paul Nuttall MEP".

Yeah right.

TBG Q&A: Tory Councillor Luke Stubbs.

TORY Councillor Luke Stubbs has taken part in a TBG Q&A with roving reporter Geoff Brooking. Stubbs is Councillor and Conservative Candidate for Eastney and Craneswater in Portsmouth South.

What did you eat at breakfast?

"Crumpets with marmalade washed down with tea and apple juice."

So, what’s it like standing for an election again?

"Elections are incredibly time consuming. With 10000 electors and over 5000 front doors in my ward, campaigning is a lot of work. It’s all quite exciting though, particularly as I am in a marginal seat."

How do you plan to continue to represent Eastney and Craneswater?

"To continue to campaign on local issues and to continue to push for Portsmouth City Council to be leaner and more responsive. An effective opposition can influence an administration. An effective ward councillor can get things done in his patch."

What’s your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"Diet coke, although I don’t much like the normal sugary coke. I live mostly on tea, fruit juice and beer though."

Do you have any further aspirations within the Tory party?

"Only to see a Conservative majority on Portsmouth City Council."

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Financial Trouble as Branches Told to Hand Over All Their Cash.

UKIP in the North West of England may be in dire financial trouble and want branches to hand over their cash, TBG can exclusively reveal.

UKIP's deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP has sent an internal email, leaked to TBG, to all branches in the North West of England appealing to all UKIP branches to loan ALL AVAILABLE BRANCH FUNDS to the region. This is said to help pay the cost of EU Election addresses believed to cost a whopping £40,000.

Nuttall says that - "This loan is guaranteed to be paid back to the branches before Xmas 2014."

The EU election address goes to each household in the North West and is a vital tool for spreading the UKIP message for all our EU and Local Council candidates on 22nd May.

Members were earlier told to contact the North West Regional Office on Telephone number 01524 387690 to give cash loans.

[UPDATE] UKIP U-Turn On Branch Cash Loans

Grumpy Farage Denies Expenses Wrongdoing.

Poor old Nigel Farage is facing even more scrutiny today.

The grumpy looking UKIP Leader is in hot water after The Times said a former party official had filed a complaint to the EU's anti-fraud body over his use of the "general expenditure allowance".

The UKIP leader has been forced to reject suggestions he had broken the rules on MEP allowances.

[VIDEO] via Guido Fawkes

Benefits Bonanza is Over as Families See Handouts Cut.

I once again warmly congratulate our magnificent Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith for 'At last winning the war on benefits' now that '40,000 families lose handouts in benefits war'.

I will gladly excuse I.D.S. for not rolling out Universal Credit just yet given the mess inherited from the last government.

A Labour Government that gladly allowed work not to pay and those who chose to stay at home behind the closed curtains get away scot free.

People need to realise that when the welfare state was introduced it was there as a safety net for people in hard times not as a free-for-all which Labour turned it into.

The fact that before the biggest welfare reforms for 70 years were introduced by the Conservatives some households were getting up to £900 a week in tax-payer funded no questions asked welfare payments was an absolute insult to those of us who choose to get a job and get on in life.

The Conservatives have done a superb job on this issue but more needs to be done.

In the interests of fairness and accountability everybody claiming sickness benefits needs keeping a check on all of the time and not written off for life as so many were under Labour, Universal Credit needs to be rolled out nationwide and any civil servant caught trying to delay it should be severely disciplined, and yes, if anybody refuses any job without good reason then they too should be disciplined in the form of sanctions.

Times have changed and so should our benefits system with it.

UKIP Continue to Back Homophobic Scandal Candidate Who Labelled Gays 'Abnormal'.

UKIP in Portsmouth have today sensationally backed 'homophobic row' candidate Douglas Denny who labelled gay people as "abnormal". Local UKIP Chairman Stuart Potter says that Mr Denny's comments have been manipulated by the media.

Potter told The Independent - "I’m backing him because he’s not a homophobe."

"The words that the press have used have been twisted. They have taken content from the forums and made what they want out of them. They’re doing it to slur the name of Ukip and Doug Denny as well."

Last week Denny defended his comments, arguing that he had labeled gay people "abnormal" because they were a minority of the population.

Mr Denny told the Portsmouth News that he was not anti-homosexual and that his comments were taken out of context.

He said: "There was a story in The Sunday Mirror castigating UKIP for being racist and homophobic and all this stuff. There was a discussion on a forum open only to UKIP members about homosexuality and in particular the use of the word sodomite.

"I believe homosexuals have a perfect right to live their lives and wander around like everyone else and do not deserve any discrimination because of their sexuality."

Mr Denny then apparently felt the need to reiterate one of his earlier comments which was - "I wish that they wouldn’t try to keep ramming it down my throat that they are normal in their sexual practices."

Portsmouth Liberal Democrats Councillor Margaret Foster told The Portsmouth News she was "astounded" by the comments.

"I’m absolutely dumbstruck that they would let anybody stand in the elections with that attitude," she said.

UKIP Chairman's No Show for the London Marathon.


THE troubled and notorious UKIP branch of Crawley was said to be further embarrassed today, after it was sensationally revealed that acting Chairman and likely candidate for Southgate in the upcoming Crawley Council elections, Lee Gilroy, was a No Show for yesterday's London Marathon, TBG can reveal.

Portly Mr Gilroy, who defected from the Conservatives last summer after receiving a massive No Confidence vote, and whom was recently revealed as once being the director to businesses with unpaid CCJs totalling £42,000, had boasted on Facebook last Autumn about gaining a place for the marathon and how he was going to commit to train for it, rather than just "turn up and run".

Sources reveal that Lee Gilroy posted on 1 October 2013, near Crawley - "I have been lucky enough to get my own ballot place in the Virgin London Marathon for April 2014. So instead of running just for one Charity I am going to be running for 3 which gives people the choice of who they wish to donate to. No pressure but anything that you can donate will help. There will be a "Just Giving" page set up for each Charity and please give what you can."

And on 26 September 2013 Mr Gilroy posted - "I have a ballot place but I am going to run for First Touch - supporting babies at St George's Hospital this time I will train and not just turn up and run."

However, after today's No Show, questions about his ability to commit to things while trying to impress people were raised by local Crawley Tories. A disappointed Crawley resident said, "Gilroy likes to talk the talk to try and impress people, but consistently fails to walk the walk, quite literally in this case. The London Marathon is usually over-subscribed and this ego trip and subsequent No Show has stopped someone else from taking part."

Mr Gilroy's Facebook page has today made no reference to yesterdays London Marathon or why he failed to show despite the announcements last year.

TBG Q&A: Tory Councillor Simon Bosher.

TORY Councillor Simon Bosher has exclusively taken part in a TBG Q&A in the run-up to the local elections. The Portsmouth Councillor will defend his seat in Drayton and Farlington ward this May.

What did you eat at breakfast?

"This morning I had a croissant for breakfast."

So, what’s it like standing for an election again?

"As with every election, I am always nervous, but determined."

How do you plan to continue to represent Drayton and Farlington?

"I plan to continue representing D&F to the best of my ability, I've lived in Farlington for almost 50 years now, so for me it is about serving my community, where my wider family and friends live."

What’s your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"I'm not much of a fizzy pop drinker but probably a cold lemonade with ice and a slice on a hot day."

Do you have any further aspirations within the Tory party?

"No I don't have any further aspirations, I prefer to focus on the job I was elected to do."

Would the Real Ray Finch Please Stand Up.


UKIP Councillor for Bedhampton and Leigh Park and UKIP candidate number four for the European Elections in the South East, Ray Finch, recently told a public meeting in Fareham that:

"What UKIP MEPs will do is tell you what’s going on there (EU). We’ll come back to this country and be knocking on doors, we will be going to radio, television, and the local press.

"If you vote for any other party what you will get essentially is a button-pressing monkey because they can’t do anything, if they tell you they can, they’re lying. Meaning in between the lines vote for me and I will represent you fairly."

So, TBG decided to do some research on Mr Finch who was elected on to Hampshire County Council last May and failed in a bid to be elected as UKIP P.P.C. for Havant in November even though the selection meeting was smack bang in the middle of his own ward.

Our research shows that between 1st October 2013 and 31st December 2013 Mr Finch attended just THREE Council meetings.

Turns out that Finch is well known for making big promises.

Finch stood against high profile Chris Huhne at the last election and declared in the campaign that he would move to live in the constituency should he be elected.

Yet it turns out that instead of fighting on his own ground in Eastleigh, Finch spent lots of his time instead campaigning in Buckingham where UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was standing rather than his own Eastleigh constituency.

As a result Finch gained just 3.6% of the vote.

TBG has learnt that on hearing the result Ray commented to a source that if Nigel Farage won in Buckingham then he would feel vindicated at having spent so much time away from his own constituency.

Farage was thrashed even getting 4,000 fewer votes than a pro-EU independent.

In the words of a local Eastleigh blogger - "Mr Finch seems to be blinded to reality by his hero worship of a third rate political chancer in Nigel Farage."

"How sad that he seemed to be the only person in the world who thought Nigel Farage could beat John Bercow. But that's Ray Finch for you!"

Tory MPs' Mini EU Referendum To Go Ahead.

The news that Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone are both to hold mini E.U. Referendums in their respective parliamentary constituencies proves yet again that not only are the Conservatives the only party with the power to make this reality but also the only party with any power that is absolutely committed to looser ties with the E.U.

It is so good for democratic freedom too.

The choice at the next General Election is now crystal clear.

Either more integration, more red tape and more bureaucracy under Labour with the support of the pro E.U. Liberal Democrats or a cast iron guarantee of an in or out referendum on the E.U. subject to an outright majority for Cameron's Conservatives.

Ukip are powerless fruitcakes, Labour are fanatical animals, Lib Dems are useless obstacles which means that only Cameron's Conservatives can make it all really happen by giving power to the people.

UKIP's Wood Told to Get Some Training.

UKIP councillor and former YI Chairman candidate, Chris Wood, has been told to get training after apparently "misunderstanding" council rules on speaking at meetings, TBG can reveal.

UKIP's Wood faced pedantic scrutiny after he rose at a meeting at Hampshire County Council and spoke about resurfacing the runway at a local airfield. Amazingly, even a county council conduct panel met to decide if Cllr Wood should face an investigation.

Chris Wood declared a financial interest before speaking about the runway, but rivals and colleagues say he didn't have an interest as he still lives and hangs out in his parents' house.

Also UKIP Gosport PPC, Chris Wood sensationally claimed to local press that the complainant was not even present at the meeting. But, it's not the first time Wood has dropped a clanger.

The UKIP councillor told local reporters - "I didn’t take it all that seriously. Everyone at the meeting knew my house backs on to the airfield. I didn’t think I’d actually done anything wrong and if I had done anything wrong then I thought they’d tell me."

"I’m 24, I’m new at this, and the panel respects that. It’ll be an hour’s further training."

Wood has now been invited to have legal training on the Hampshire County Council code of conduct.

TPA take 'War on Waste' Campaign to Lewisham.

THINK TANK The Taxpayers' Alliance is set to have a special campaign day headlined the 'War on Waste' spearheaded by popular centre-right activist Mahyar Tousi in Lewisham, London, TBG can reveal.

Inspiring activists from across the political spectrum are set to attend including top Tories, young 'kippers including the former UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comely, as well as non-partisan activists who will take the fight to Lewisham where the Labour held council’s has decided to keep "shockingly" high levels of council tax and disproportionate levels of waste. This has apparently has caused major concern among local residents.

The campaign day is set to take place at 12pm on Saturday 19th April and will be followed by a sublime drinks event. Local and national press are expected to attend.

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EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Pelling Defects Again.

SCANDAL-PRONE former Tory MP, Andrew Pelling has sensationally defected for the third time, but this time from Croydon Radio, TBG can reveal.

Pelling, now a Labour Parliamentary candidate, last night quit his post at Croydon Radio via Twitter in protest over a controversial National Front guest appearing on a rival programme.

But the move was immediately dismissed as a cheap publicity stunt to shore up his apparently failing campaign in the swing seat of Waddon, Croydon.

A Tory source told TBG - "Andrew Pelling has defected so many times, nobody in Croydon can take him seriously."

"He’s worn so many different colours he will soon be known as Croydon’s Clown," they added.

UKIP Grass Twists Knife Into Maria Miller.

UKIP have today twisted the knife into Culture Secretary and Basingstoke MP Maria Miller.

In an interview with BBC South Today Phil Heath, who was Miller's campaign manager from 2010 until he switched to UKIP, says that the Culture Secretary never used her Basingstoke home for family purposes but only when on constituency business.

Miller is at the centre of an expenses row as regards her London home. PM David Cameron insists Miller did the "right thing" by apologising to MPs for her attitude to the inquiry into her expenses.

Harlow Tory Campaign Day Goes Head-to-Head With Party Spring Conference.

HARLOW campaign day seems to have been a huge success as it went head-to-head with the Conservatives' Spring Conference this past Saturday. Hardworking activists turned up from far and wide to the Essex town where popular Tory MP Robert Halfon is defending a slimish 4925 majority, TBG can reveal.

Around 100 made the road trip to Harlow for the inclusive campaign weekend which included free curry, drinks, clubbing and coordinated accommodation and transport effort. A video of the event has been created by Tory activist Mahyar Tousi for TBG:

UKIP Meeting Turns Into PR Disaster.

IT was billed as UKIP's big launch for the city of Portsmouth yet TBG can today confirm as was exactly the case at a similar meeting in Fareham recently, there were more members of the UKIP party than there were members of the public.

Despite TBG reporter Geoff Brooking being BARRED from reporting, TBG did send someone else only to find out that just six members of the public bothered to turn out for the meeting.

This was despite the weather being perfect and even a glossy press release in the local Portsmouth News.

So far UKIP have failed to respond to TBG's request for a statement.

TBG Reporter Banned From UKIP Public Meeting.

TBG reporter Geoff Brooking has been sensationally BARRED from attending a UKIP Public Meeting in Portsmouth tonight, TBG can reveal.

Mr Brooking was told the news this morning which has come as a result of accusations of homophobia he has made against one of their candidates Douglas Denny.

Former UKIP insider, Tory mole Mr Brooking told TBG - "All I have done is repeat claims made by the Daily Mirror some time ago as regards a Homophobic Scandal Mr Denny was involved in."

"Mr Denny seems to think that because he made other comments on a UKIP Forum as well as the controversial views reported, that he does not suffer from homophobia. I beg to differ."

"It is purely as a result of my opinion as regards Mr Denny that I have been barred from reporting tonight for TBG and exposing this man to the people coming along to meet him."

"In my opinion this is another example of Gestapo tactics within the UK Independence Party."

Mr Denny insists his comments were taken out of context by The Mirror claiming that they didn't print his views, stated in an online forum, in full. The Mirror reports Denny said - "I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not."

Mr Denny claims he also said - "As for their (homosexuals) position in society - they are humans like any other wandering around getting on with their lives, and have the right to acceptance into society's benefits like anybody else: and I accept they should not receive verbal discrimination against them because of their sexual nature." Thus negating other comments made.

Apologies have not been made by The Mirror, Mr Brooking or Mr Denny for his original comments at this time. Mr Denny did welcome other TBG reporters to his meeting.

[UPDATE] >> UKIP Meeting Turns Into PR Disaster