Who Does Red Ed Miliband Think he is Kidding?

Just who does Red Ed Miliband think he is kidding when he says that if he became Prime Minister his party would have a fresh E.U. Policy and any more transfer of powers to Brussels would lead to an E.U. Referendum?

People will remember Labour for their actions.

Under the last Labour Government that Red Ed served in Tony Blair promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and failed to deliver and thanks to the green E.U. levies Red Ed signed up to and implemented as Energy Secretary without giving people a say, council tax doubled and energy bills soared.

Even Red Ed's own core supporting pensioners were left with the stark choice of either eating food or heating their homes thanks to Labour E.U. Policy.

At a time when powers continue to be passed over from Westminster to Brussels people should realise that the only way they can realistically get a say on the E.U is by giving David Cameron an outright majority with his own mandate in 2015.