Tory Poll Surge is Just The Start.

The news in the opinion polls that the Conservatives are now within just one point of Labour according to Survation for the Mail on Sunday, is very bad for Red Ed Miliband.

Let's not forget that only last week Labour's Liam Byrne was quoted as saying that if they want to stand a chance of winning the 2015 General Election the lead needs to be nearer twenty points by now as it was for the Conservatives in 2009.

Even the poll that really matters, the popularity stakes, has David Cameron on 42% and Red Ed Miliband on 38%.

And once the European Elections are out of the way and the campaigning for 2015 begins in earnest it won't be a one or four point lead that Cameron's Conservatives will be aiming for but a ten point lead that would give the Prime Minister his own mandate and his own outright majority to really put the Great back in Britain.