UKIP Do Not Back Gay Marriage.

FOLLOWING reports that UKIP are set to back gay marriage, their Leader Nigel Farage has today rubbished such reports saying - "The statement attributed to me yesterday was not made by me and not approved by me", TBG can reveal.

Farage reckons the issue shouldn't have been made a "political priority at a time of many other pressing issues". Those equality ministers are busy people you know. Farage also told TBG that the Marriage Bill had "no mandate from the electorate".

And of course, "We were concerned that because of the role of the European Court of Human Rights in British law that faith communities which had strong objections were at risk of being forced to conduct gay marriages" - the UKIP Leader added.

However, apparently Nigel Farage has told PinkNews he would not abolish Gay Marriage but, "pointed towards the possible implementation of something similar to the French system which requires a civil ceremony with the option of a religious one afterwards".

This confusion isn't a surprise with UKIP trying to become a mainstream party and be everything for everyone. Even the UKIP LGBT Leader backed bosses after they sacked the UKIP Youth Chairman for supporting same-sex marriage.