UKIP Call On Tory Council Leader To Resign After He 'Dumps' Ward For Safe Seat.

Local rag Crawley News

LEADER of Crawley Borough Council, Howard Bloom, has sensationally "dumped" his Ward so that he can stand in a safe seat and avoid defeat at the hands of Labour in May, TBG can reveal.

The startling revelations came to light in the local Crawley rag which quotes Bloom as saying he needs to, "cross some T's and dot some I's" in regards to the rumours.

Labour sources have claimed that Cllr Howard Bloom has already been selected for the Crawley safe seat, Poundhill South & Worth. They say - "Another councillor also tried to dump his seat but was rejected when he tried to go for the same seat as Howard Bloom", TBG can exclusively reveal.

The disloyalty shown by Cllr Bloom has led to UKIP calling on him to step down. A senior UKIP figure in Crawley exclusively told TBG - "It's bad enough that he doesn't even live in Crawley, now he has used the electorate in Southgate and just dumped them for a safe Tory seat in Poundhill. Howard Bloom should resign immediately.

"Due to Claire Denman resigning and stepping down a year early in May this has resulted in a power vacuum with Conservative Councillors in free fall. It's pretty much like the gladiator ring with every councillor fighting for their allowances."

The senior leading UKIP figure concluded - "They really are tearing each other apart and its time for UKIP to step in and take these seats and restore normality for the public of Crawley and carry out what councillors are elected to do instead of self serving."