Tory MP Henry Smith Slams Lib Dem Asylum Benefit Giveaway.

As Will Appear in Monday's (10 March) Daily Express

How right the Conservative MP Henry Smith is to criticise the Liberal Democrats for wanting to "uprate" the UK benefits system for asylum seekers.

This is yet another example of why Britain needs a Conservative Government with an outright majority in 2015.

The fact that the Lib Dems want to uprate these benefits says it all.

Under the last Labour Government the youth talents of Britain were destroyed before they could even bear fruit all because of huge immigration levels and a disgraceful benefits culture.

What this proves is that as well as Labour not being fit to run Britain again, the Lib Dems cannot be trusted either.

Mr Cameron needs his own mandate not just so he can stand up to the E.U. but also so as our economy can thrive properly once again in a culture where work is made to pay.