Tory Macfarlane Bids For NUS National Executive As UKIP Youth Chairman Runs For President.

BELFAST Conservative Future (CF) activist Eimhear Macfarlane has lodged a sensational bid for Block 15 in the upcoming National Union of Students (NUS) nation-wide elections at the same time UKIP Youth Wing Leader Jack Duffin runs for President, again, TBG can reveal.

There's intense speculation surrounding Macfarlane, 20, as a potential Tory superstar of the future. The former Belfast Met SU Womens' Officer says she has her sights set on lowering the NUS affiliation fee, "keeping money with the Student Unions offering welfare and advocacy services on the front line".

NUS National Executive member Peter Smallwood has dramatically come out in support of Macfarlane, telling reporters - "I'm really excited to be able to support Eimhear. She is a proven champion of Liberation and has had a strong impact in her Student Union, as well as in the wider community of Northern Ireland. With Eimhear on the Block, I know we would gain someone who stands up and supports the previously unheard voices in our movement."

As the number of Tories in NUS national positions threatens to rise further, it appears the attempts by the NUS to stem the flow has let in controversial UKIP Youth Chairman Jack Duffin through the back door. Duffin was elected Young Independence Chairman after being offered a salary to carry out duties. He will be in contention for the NUS President position, however, his manifesto is certainly not to be awed.

Results will be announced at NUS national conference beginning on April 8.

Eimhear Macfarlan's manifesto is avaliable to download here.