'There Are Things Going on Outside London' - Essex Tory Youth Set To Hold FREE Shindig.

Vicky Ford MEP

ESSEX Conservative Future (CF) are set to hold a sensational free event to attract more members away from "London-centric" CF parties, TBG can reveal.

Essex CF will host Vicky Ford MEP at the lavish Saffron Hotel, Saffron Walden, this coming Friday 7 March at 7:30pm. The bash will allow CF'ers to thrash out ideas about Britain's relationship with the EU and other issues related to Europe, such as immigration.

The much anticipated free event includes free drinks and food, TBG can reveal.

Essex CF Chairman Andrew Thorpe-Apps exclusively told TBG:

"This will be a fantastic event with a great guest speaker. Free drinks are always a winner and all CF'ers are invited. Although some say CF is too London-centric, our activists in Essex have been working hard and this event shows there are things going on outside London. Hope to see you all there!"