Oxford Uni Tory Candidate Brands Mandela a 'Terrorist'.

OXFORD University Conservative Association (OUCA) elections are taking place and it hasn't taken long for a candidate to cause controversy. It's been revealed one of the Tory hopefuls branded Nelson Mandela a terrorist upon his death in December, on Facebook, TBG can reveal.

"Another terrorist has died", claimed the OUCA candidate for Political Officer, the second year Lawyer at Brasenose College then said - "Making sure our future is safe from similar people."

The sensational revelations have rocked OUCA and upset some members, one South African member told local reporters - "My family were removed from their homes due to the racist policies during Apartheid – calling Mandela a terrorist is not only deeply personally offensive, but it is also worrying that such a person is a candidate in an OUCA election."

A senior member of OUCA said - "I have grave concerns about some of [the candidate] behaviour, he needs to understand that OUCA has to rapidly change if it’s ever going to be a proper Conservative society and not just a bunch of oddballs with unsavoury opinions."