'Only White Middle-Class English People Like the Union Jack' - Royal Holloway Reject Treacherous Anti-Royal Measures.

ROYAL HOLLOWAY University of London (RHUL) have resoundingly rejected a motion Tuesday night put forward by a University Student Union (SU) LGBT officer that sensationally opposed SU participation in a visit by Her Majesty, The Queen, TBG can reveal.

The visit, set to take place on March 14, will see Queen Elizabeth II awarding of a Professorship of Music to the Music Department at Royal Holloway.

The motion to boycott The Queen failed at the vote and was not passed. It was condemned as a "farce" by several members at the General Meeting, according to sources.

One RHUL SU officer raged to TBG - "It is disgusting that this is allowed."

Attendees exclusively disclosed to TBG that the event led to diatribe by the motions' supporters, claiming during one tirade - "The only people who would like the Union Jack [Union Flag] were White middle-class English People". This reasoning was rubbished by RHUL Tory Chairman Antonia King, who also did not support the unpopular motion.

THE "disgusting" MOTION was edited by Dan Healy of the Labour party to this amusing AMENDED VERSION (below).

[VIDEO] - RHUL Queen Boycott Debate

AMENDED - Motion to Oppose Participation in Queens Visit by TheBlueGuerilla