Liam Fox Is Spot-on Over Ditching Immigration Targets.

The former Shadow Foreign Secretary and more recently Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox is absolutely spot on to say that David Cameron needs to ditch targets and concentrate on curbing immigration in order to win back voters from Ukip and a majority at the next election.

At a time when Ukip is starting to struggle in the polls and when their own N.E.C. Is becoming more dominant than ever now is the time for David Cameron to take a lead.

We need to ditch the targets that failed so badly under Labour and replace it with proper tough policies.

Policies like withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights, like pulling out of E.U. Freedom of movement, like only allowing people to come and work in Britain if they are skilled at Level 5 or above and policies like making sure they are making a net contribution from day one by earning a minimum of £500 per week.

Only then will Mr Cameron be seen as tough on immigration.