'He's Not a Real Conservative' - Fears Grow As Kings College London Tory Leader Invites 'Ghastly' Godfrey Bloom to Town.

BEN Judge’s weekend of horrors continues after it emerged the Kings College London (KCL) Conservative Society (KCLCS) President is set to host an event with ousted UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, TBG can sensationally revel.

After having backed Labour candidate, Robbie Hirst in the KCL Student Union elections Judge seems to have swung to the other end of the political spectrum in inviting the super-controversial Godfrey Bloom to speak.

Scandal prone Godfrey Bloom has been called a ghastly character after he recently heckled Oxford Union student for his disability asking, "Are you Richard the III?". Bloom stood down last year as a UKIP MEP after calling women "sluts".

One KCLCS member told TBG - "I am deeply concerned in the lack of continuity and loyalty being shown by Ben. It shows that he continues to be out of touch and that he is not a real Conservative."

The event is priced at a staggering £18 (eighteen) and is being held at upmarket venue The Warwick in Central London.

The KCL Tory leader seems to be very happy and so at ease with UKIP royalty attending his shindig, another member claims Judge asked them to - "Invite the Feminist Society, Sexpression, Socialists Workers, Peoples' Assembly, European Society and the Action Palestine groups please? I feel confidant you can encourage them to attend."

A third member of KCLCS sensationally said - "This is exactly the sort of comment which makes young Conservatives look out of touch. Ben is a bold individual but his views are out of place in the party. All I can say is that this doesn’t represent the views of the majority of the society."