EXPOSED: Cambridge University Tories Secret Society Ritual Caught On Video.

CUCA this past Friday night

CAMBRIDGE University Conservative Association (CUCA) have been sensationally exposed in a video showing the secret "Imperial Toast" ritual. The event was held on Friday night by the Illuminati conquering CUCA to commemorate the mysterious death of William III & II at the hands of a "mirthlessly murderous mole man", TBG can reveal.

Reports say that attendees - "Smoked a sweet, pungent leaf provided by the White Wizard. This, they believe, acts as a sort of sexual psychostimulant. The humanork Ziikthor explained, 'to commit the sodomatical and grave acts necessary for the completion of our work requires a great deal of... endurance, but this potent drug makes it quite possible' [sic]."

It is thought the evening, which ended up in a local pub, is just the beginning of an attempt to mysteriously influence Cambridge University Student Union and the Conservative Party youth wing, Conservative Future. CUCA sensationally revealed to CFonSunday on TBG that they plan to bring down "shadowy figures" in order to save the Tory party and the world from Illuminati lizards.

A Senior CUCA Official told TBG that the - "Illuminati are seeking to make CF so unappealing and unprofessional that all the non-Illuminati members will quit in disgust either to establish their own Conservative youth organisation or to join Young Independence, leaving CF manned solely by a rump of dedicated Illuminati. Thence, they will re-build the organisation, using its leverage on the Conservative Party proper to put forward Illuminati candidates in certain safe seats in time for the 2020 elections."

[VIDEO] EXPOSED: Cambridge University Conservative Association Secret Ritual

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