EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Document Shows UKIP Chairman & Council Candidate Businesses Had 14 Unpaid CCJs.

UKIP in Crawley have been sensationally shaken to the core and are in turmoil after it emerged that the Chairman of Crawley UKIP and UKIP's highly probable council election candidate for the Southgate ward in May, Lee Gilroy has closed three businesses with nearly £42,000 of unpaid County Court Judgements, TBG can reveal.

A leaked financial investigation report circulating in Crawley and seen by TBG lists 15 County Court Judgements awarded against various building trade businesses owned and wound-up by Gilroy between 2006 & 2012.

The smallest CCJ of £169 issued at Horsham County Court on 27/11/2007 is listed as being the only paid CCJ, with £41,816 still unpaid. A Google search also appears to show that Gilroy has two Director profiles operating, one being "Lee Gilroy" and the other "Lee Richard Gilroy", both with different ID numbers. This was said to be generating much gossip in the bustling bars and restaurants of Crawley last night.

Other Crawey sources have told TBG - "Gilroy Brickwork was a victim of the recession, in the end customers & clients owed Gilroy Brickwork Ltd nearly £400k, which was criminal. The administrators advised to close down the company and they would retrieve any money owed, which they didn't and couldn't."

Gilroy was a Conservative Councillor from 2008 to 2012 and became Chairman of Crawley Conservatives in February 2013. He then defected to UKIP in August after losing a massive No-Confidence vote by the Crawley Conservative Association amid accusations of bullying. Three months after joining UKIP, Gilroy replaced the existing Chairman who was, according to sources, forced out after unsubstantiated racism claims. Gilroy then stated in the local rag, Crawley News, that he intended to become the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in Crawley.

Rivals to UKIP in Crawley told TBG the revelations posed "serious questions about UKIP's leadership in Crawley" and their ability to look after the public coffers. Gilroy has revealed to HopeNotHate he intends to put his name forward to become Crawley's UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in 2015.

This Crawley UKIP scandal follows Tory turncoat Cllr Karl Williamson being exposed for plagiarising in his weekly UKIP column and reports of him hardly attending any meetings and sunning it up living in LA.