Controversy As Conservative Future Announce Affiliation With Anti-Freedom Turkish Ruling Party.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) have sensationally welcomed Turkey's authoritarian & anti-freedom ruling AK Party as an affiliate to the European Young Conservatives, TBG can reveal.

It was only this week that Turkey's PM BANNED Twitter after dissent he did not approve of, saying - "Twitter is a threat to national security". The Turkish government has since also blocked access to YouTube.

Conservative Future's National Chairman Oliver Cooper said, with a sense of the blasé, that he was - "Delighted that the youth wings of Turkey's AK Party, have joined the European Young Conservatives: joining with Conservative Future".

The European Young Conservatives along with National CF Chairman Oliver Cooper also welcomed politically motivated mass murderer Anders Breivik's ex-political party, the Norwegian Progress Party.

A furious senior Midlands CF'er today responded to the explosive news and blasted those at the top of the organisation, telling TBG - "I'm not surprised. CF has been so incompetent as an organisation lately that it is losing its credibility as well as its members. My only concern is that these actions affect the Conservative party as a whole and the national executive don't seem to understand that."

It is not yet known if the apparent shambles has reached the ears of CCHQ.