Cannabis Councillor Wants Police to Turn Blind Eye.

GREEN PARTY councillor, Ian Driver, is sensationally attempting to open Britain’s first legal cannabis cafe in Kent and has urged police to turn a blind eye.

Cllr Driver wants an "Amsterdam-style coffee-shop" that would be granted "a special dispensation" by local authorities and would therefore be a safe, social place to smoke weed.

Driver told local reporters - "It makes eminent sense to have a nice relaxing atmosphere where cannabis users, for recreational or medicinal purposes, can get together and enjoy themselves just as other people go out for a drink. We are going to talk to the police and ask them to be tolerant of the cafe".

Kent police are not supportive and have bonged the idea saying – "Our role is to enforce the law which states that cannabis is a Class B controlled drug and possession is an offence which carries a maximum five-year prison term."