Benefits Capped, Lower Taxes & Less Bureaucracy - How Times Change.

The added news that as well as there being 1.3 million more people in work in Britain since 2010 there are also 450,000 less workless households since 2010 clearly is good news.

It shows that not only is the British economy getting better but also that the welfare dependency we all saw under the last Labour Government is finally being tackled.

Nothing was worse than seeing those who chose to live off the state behind the closed curtains under Labour being financially better off than those who do the honourable thing and get on in life.

Yet that is what happened under Labour.

Now though, thanks to the introduction of a cap on benefits, thanks to higher tax allowances, and thanks to less bureaucracy in the workplace one old saying springs to mind: How times change.

Yet the fact of the matter is that this trend can only continue after 2015 with David Cameron as Prime Minister in a Conservative lead Government.