A Budget for Doers, Savers and Makers.

George Osborne has yet again delivered a fair Budget not just for Britain's savers but more importantly for Britain's workers.

With unemployment yet again falling and 1.3 million more people in work under the Conservatives the news that the British economy is now not just back on the up but also beating the forecasts of our global competitors is so rejoicing too.

In 2010 people like me were so right to argue to make work pay by rewarding those who get up early to get on in life as opposed to those who chose to live behind the closed curtains and off the state.

Therefore, it is thanks to George Osborne's reduction in debt inherited from Labour that we can all benefit more from help for childcare, more help with tax allowances, and yes, more help doing the honourable thing by getting on in life.

This would be impossible under failed Labour policies and simply proves again that the best way is the Conservative way.