'Incompetent & Naive' - Uproar As KCL Tory Leader Backs Labour Candidate For University President Role.


KINGS COLLEGE LONDON (KCL) Conservative Society President Ben Judge has sensationally expressed support for the socialist Labour Party member & friend Robbie Hirst in the upcoming KCL Student Union (KCLSU) Presidential Elections, TBG can reveal.

The "esteemed Boris Johnson impersonator", KCL Tory President Ben Judge, made the social update in a personal capacity but has been attacked by his own members for showing "clear disregard to his society", after they overwhelmingly voted to support the endorsement of incumbent Sebastiaan Debrouwere.

Conservative Future (CF) National Leader Oliver Cooper took to the airwaves and told dismayed KCL members that he had, "discussed KCLSU briefly with Ben the other night (my dad's a KCLSU trustee, so I have a passing interest)."

Cooper went on - "I made it clear that national CF does not force Conservative societies to do things. Personal endorsements should be issued sparingly, as some may infer that it means the society's endorsement; if he were to endorse a Nazi or a Stalinist or otherwise impact on CF's standing, I might object, but I don't think there's much risk of that in this instance."

The decision to back a socialist by the KCL Tory Leader and indifference shown by the National CF Chairman seemed to infuriate young Tories, one balled - "He posted in the (KCL Association) group for members to vote then posted this, is that not the epitome of stupid?"

"You (Ben Judge) represent our society and our society is still voting. Why did you undermine us all? Right now it is clear the society supports Sebastiaan Debrouwere. Ben is a person who has allowed the heading of our society to get to his head. He makes a mockery of it and I know a number of people disillusioned because of this. It has become the Ben Judge society not the King's College London Conservative Society [sic]", they concluded.

Another member told TBG - "He couldn't give a sh*t about the society, only Ben judge. It may as well be the Ben judge society. Incompetent, naive moron who somehow believes in his own thunder. Embarrassing really."

A senior & influential KCL Tory slammed his Leader and told TBG - "Ben showed his true motives when he originally posted that he was supporting Robbie solely because he was 'a good friend'. He then however edited the wording and quickly conjured some reason in an attempt to hide his personal deference to Robbie. They're close friends and personal political partisanship shouldn't have anything to do with it."

The KCL Student Union elections are set to take place between the 3rd and 6th of March.

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