UKIP Select Homophobic Scandal Candidate To Fight Safe Tory Seat.

JUST as Gay Marriage became legal in the UK, TBG can exclusively reveal that instead of standing up to the homophobic scandal ridden Douglas Denny, Nigel Farage has today promoted him.

Mr Denny is set to stand for UKIP in the ward of Drayton and Farlington for Portsmouth City Council in May. The move comes as UKIP lurch from crisis to crisis on the whole issue of gay marriage.

Denny was sensationally exposed along with other UKIP members last year when he said in an online forum that gay sex is "disgusting". He said - "What irritates me is the way they and their leftie, neo-Commie followers seem to want to force the rest of us to consider them as normal.

"I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not."

Douglas Denny told TBG that - "All homosexuals have the right to do what they like in their own bedrooms. I believe homosexuals should not suffer discrimination in any way within society simply for being homosexual."

Two weeks ago UKIP told Pink News that they were reviewing policy and last Wednesday in his debate with Nick Clegg, Farage refused to come off the fence.

Tory Macfarlane Bids For NUS National Executive As UKIP Youth Chairman Runs For President.

BELFAST Conservative Future (CF) activist Eimhear Macfarlane has lodged a sensational bid for Block 15 in the upcoming National Union of Students (NUS) nation-wide elections at the same time UKIP Youth Wing Leader Jack Duffin runs for President, again, TBG can reveal.

There's intense speculation surrounding Macfarlane, 20, as a potential Tory superstar of the future. The former Belfast Met SU Womens' Officer says she has her sights set on lowering the NUS affiliation fee, "keeping money with the Student Unions offering welfare and advocacy services on the front line".

NUS National Executive member Peter Smallwood has dramatically come out in support of Macfarlane, telling reporters - "I'm really excited to be able to support Eimhear. She is a proven champion of Liberation and has had a strong impact in her Student Union, as well as in the wider community of Northern Ireland. With Eimhear on the Block, I know we would gain someone who stands up and supports the previously unheard voices in our movement."

As the number of Tories in NUS national positions threatens to rise further, it appears the attempts by the NUS to stem the flow has let in controversial UKIP Youth Chairman Jack Duffin through the back door. Duffin was elected Young Independence Chairman after being offered a salary to carry out duties. He will be in contention for the NUS President position, however, his manifesto is certainly not to be awed.

Results will be announced at NUS national conference beginning on April 8.

Eimhear Macfarlan's manifesto is avaliable to download here.

Controversy As Conservative Future Announce Affiliation With Anti-Freedom Turkish Ruling Party.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) have sensationally welcomed Turkey's authoritarian & anti-freedom ruling AK Party as an affiliate to the European Young Conservatives, TBG can reveal.

It was only this week that Turkey's PM BANNED Twitter after dissent he did not approve of, saying - "Twitter is a threat to national security". The Turkish government has since also blocked access to YouTube.

Conservative Future's National Chairman Oliver Cooper said, with a sense of the blasé, that he was - "Delighted that the youth wings of Turkey's AK Party, have joined the European Young Conservatives: joining with Conservative Future".

The European Young Conservatives along with National CF Chairman Oliver Cooper also welcomed politically motivated mass murderer Anders Breivik's ex-political party, the Norwegian Progress Party.

A furious senior Midlands CF'er today responded to the explosive news and blasted those at the top of the organisation, telling TBG - "I'm not surprised. CF has been so incompetent as an organisation lately that it is losing its credibility as well as its members. My only concern is that these actions affect the Conservative party as a whole and the national executive don't seem to understand that."

It is not yet known if the apparent shambles has reached the ears of CCHQ.

Mike Hancock MP Back In The News.

AN ARTICLE penned by Mike Hancock has sensationally appeared in the Portsmouth News. However, with the man himself still in hospital eyebrows are being raised.

Firstly, who wrote the article? Was it Hancock from a hospital ward or his sidekick Cllr Michael Andrews?

With Hancock STILL in hospital, is a late May by-election back on the cards?

Here is the article in full - 'It’s good news that the economy is now growing'

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Document Shows UKIP Chairman & Council Candidate Businesses Had 14 Unpaid CCJs.

UKIP in Crawley have been sensationally shaken to the core and are in turmoil after it emerged that the Chairman of Crawley UKIP and UKIP's highly probable council election candidate for the Southgate ward in May, Lee Gilroy has closed three businesses with nearly £42,000 of unpaid County Court Judgements, TBG can reveal.

A leaked financial investigation report circulating in Crawley and seen by TBG lists 15 County Court Judgements awarded against various building trade businesses owned and wound-up by Gilroy between 2006 & 2012.

The smallest CCJ of £169 issued at Horsham County Court on 27/11/2007 is listed as being the only paid CCJ, with £41,816 still unpaid. A Google search also appears to show that Gilroy has two Director profiles operating, one being "Lee Gilroy" and the other "Lee Richard Gilroy", both with different ID numbers. This was said to be generating much gossip in the bustling bars and restaurants of Crawley last night.

Other Crawey sources have told TBG - "Gilroy Brickwork was a victim of the recession, in the end customers & clients owed Gilroy Brickwork Ltd nearly £400k, which was criminal. The administrators advised to close down the company and they would retrieve any money owed, which they didn't and couldn't."

Gilroy was a Conservative Councillor from 2008 to 2012 and became Chairman of Crawley Conservatives in February 2013. He then defected to UKIP in August after losing a massive No-Confidence vote by the Crawley Conservative Association amid accusations of bullying. Three months after joining UKIP, Gilroy replaced the existing Chairman who was, according to sources, forced out after unsubstantiated racism claims. Gilroy then stated in the local rag, Crawley News, that he intended to become the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in Crawley.

Rivals to UKIP in Crawley told TBG the revelations posed "serious questions about UKIP's leadership in Crawley" and their ability to look after the public coffers. Gilroy has revealed to HopeNotHate he intends to put his name forward to become Crawley's UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in 2015.

This Crawley UKIP scandal follows Tory turncoat Cllr Karl Williamson being exposed for plagiarising in his weekly UKIP column and reports of him hardly attending any meetings and sunning it up living in LA.

More Illegal Lib Dem Parking.

A PORTSMOUTH Liberal Democrat Councillor has been caught parking illegally, just behind the doctors bay where his boss and MP for Portsmouth South Mike Hancock was snapped illegally parking by TBG paparazzi last year.

Owner of the yellow Skoda Councillor Michael Andrewes runs Mike Hancock’s office and allegedly "writes all his letters for him".

The sensational images were captured on the corner of Victoria Road South and Albert Road at 16:10 yesterday, Wednesday 26 March.

DWP Dumps £500m Per Year Disability Benefits Assessor Atos.

ATOS Healthcare has been declared "unfit for work" and have been dumped by the Department for Work and Pensions, TBG can disclose.

Atos was hired by the government and given £500m per year to realise how many disability benefit claimants were actually 'fit-for-work' and has faced a barrage of criticism ever since.

Disability minister Mike Penning told MPs recently that the 600,000 appeals against the Atos assessments since their introduction meant there was, "real concern" about quality and capability of the organisation.

Conservatives Should Go Even Further And Scrap Inheritance Tax.

David Cameron is absolutely right to be putting the raising of the inheritance tax threshold up to a million pounds at the heart of the Conservatives next General Election manifesto in 2015 as it was in 2010.

People pay enough money in tax during their lifetimes so it is only right that they should not pay it when they die too.

If you ask me, in the interests of economic competitiveness, the Conservatives should go further by pledging to scrap it completely, as was the view of the 300,000 people who signed the petition organised by the Daily Express in 2006 which also called for its abolition.

At the end of the day this is a rich tax that hits ordinary people and the chances are that if they have made it they have worked hard for it.

If the socialist President Sarcozy of France can abolish inheritance tax between spouses and PACS partners and the social democrats in Sweden have already scrapped it surely, the Conservatives can follow the lead.

After all, it does only raise 1% of total tax revenue.

Tory Parliamentary Candidate Says There's No Food Poverty, the Restaurants Are Full.

Councillor Liam Marshall-Ascough & the infamous Giggling Squid restaurant

CONSERVATIVE Councillor & Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) Liam Marshall-Ascough has thrown cold water on the potential creation of a food-bank, claiming he doesn't believe anyone in Crawley is suffering as a result of hunger citing that the towns restaurants are usually fully booked at the weekend, TBG can reveal.

Labour has attacked the councillor saying that the Conservatives are ignoring important findings of a council panel, which was set up to help people with financial troubles. Its findings have apparently "not been acted on", according to reports

Michael Jones, a Labour borough councillor thinks that the idea of housing a food bank at Crawley's Town Hall should be looked into.

Councillor Liam Marsall-Ascough, who is on the Conservative Party's approved parliamentary candidates' list for 2015, told Crawley News - "I disagree that people are in desperate need in terms of food banks. People aren’t in poverty in terms of going without food. You try booking a restaurant in Crawley on a Friday or Saturday night. You can’t do it."

LEAKED: Julian Huppert MP Awful With Every Breath He Takes In Lib Dem Sing-a-Long.

Caught on cam; Huppert & Co will hurt your ears

LIB DEM MP Julian Huppert has been captured on video during a sing-a-long to the old Puff Daddy (or Police) tune, "Every Breath You Take" at the recent Lib Dem Spring Conference in York, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The leaked video shows the awful singing coupled with Huppert clutching what looks like a bottle of Leffe, with four very awkward karaoke participants and a definite Jesus-sandal wearing guitarist.


Benefits Capped, Lower Taxes & Less Bureaucracy - How Times Change.

The added news that as well as there being 1.3 million more people in work in Britain since 2010 there are also 450,000 less workless households since 2010 clearly is good news.

It shows that not only is the British economy getting better but also that the welfare dependency we all saw under the last Labour Government is finally being tackled.

Nothing was worse than seeing those who chose to live off the state behind the closed curtains under Labour being financially better off than those who do the honourable thing and get on in life.

Yet that is what happened under Labour.

Now though, thanks to the introduction of a cap on benefits, thanks to higher tax allowances, and thanks to less bureaucracy in the workplace one old saying springs to mind: How times change.

Yet the fact of the matter is that this trend can only continue after 2015 with David Cameron as Prime Minister in a Conservative lead Government.

EXCLUSIVE: Plot By The 'Right' To Oust Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps.

WHISPERS & RUMOURS swirling around Westminster suggest that plotting is underway within the Conservative Party to sensationally turf-out the Party Chairman Grant Shapps before 2015, TBG can reveal.

Senior Tory sources have exclusively told TBG that the, "Right want to get rid of Grant Shapps" and there is set to be "a wave of PR and press shit coming out against him. They want a better Chairman before 2015."

However, it remains unclear as to whom these shadowy figures are lurking in the background ready to jump Shapps and give him the heave-ho.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps received major criticism and took alot of the flak over a throw-away Tory viral ad about the bingo & beer tax cuts, announced by Conservative Party Chancellor George Osborne last Wednesday.

Shapps also recently caused a storm when suggesting on Twitter than you can join the Conservative Party and bypass Conservative Future if you are 30-and-under.

EXPOSED: Nottingham University Tory Turmoil As President Frozen Out Of Online Forums.


NOTTINGHAM University Conservative Association (NUCA) turmoil persists this week after sensational accusations of "bought AGM votes" and a social network coup d'état as the President of NUCA is removed as an admin and members' posts & comments have been deleted, TBG can reveal.

NUCA Leader & President Jenny Huynh confirmed TBG reports of a wild Port & Policy event ending in glass being smashed in a local boozer on Twitter this past week.

Current NUCA admins

It would also seem reports on TBG of a coup d'état were accurate and the first move against the President is to freeze her from the administrators role on NUCA social networking forums. This has obviously led to poisonous tensions between the President and her committee.

Sources suggest that NUCA President Jenny Huynh "was removed as an admin of the Facebook page" after "tweeting about an incident" involving smashed glass, leaked to TBG a couple of weeks ago.

Sources have told TBG - "The new enforced NUCA admin team removed comments after a girl suggested votes had been bought for the AGM, by paying for peoples' membership fee [sic]."

The sensational accusations of "vote buying" have infuriated members. Whistleblowing messages from deeply concerned members have been deleted & activists silenced by the apparently tyrannical NUCA forum admins.

The shocking developments may leave NUCA in complete tatters in what already seemed to be a divided society.

A senior NUCA member defended the committees actions and told TBG - "There have been advanced changes made to the NUCA Facebook Page in advance of the AGM. We have very strict policy when it comes to endorsing candidates on our Page. If anyone is even perceived to be breaking the rules they will be removed.

"We have has only 3 new members in past month, the members are unrelated to one and other and have previously attended our NUCA events" - they concluded.

Would you like to take part in 'CF on Sunday'? Email;

Tory Poll Surge is Just The Start.

The news in the opinion polls that the Conservatives are now within just one point of Labour according to Survation for the Mail on Sunday, is very bad for Red Ed Miliband.

Let's not forget that only last week Labour's Liam Byrne was quoted as saying that if they want to stand a chance of winning the 2015 General Election the lead needs to be nearer twenty points by now as it was for the Conservatives in 2009.

Even the poll that really matters, the popularity stakes, has David Cameron on 42% and Red Ed Miliband on 38%.

And once the European Elections are out of the way and the campaigning for 2015 begins in earnest it won't be a one or four point lead that Cameron's Conservatives will be aiming for but a ten point lead that would give the Prime Minister his own mandate and his own outright majority to really put the Great back in Britain.

INTERVIEW: New Conservative Future Women Leader 'Wasn't Going to Stand'.

AISHA VANCE-GRIMARD has been elected Conservative Future (CF) Women Chairman this week and has told TBG she wasn't going to stand but, was encouraged by friends and intends to put, "encouraging more women to stand in local and national elections" at the center of the organisations ethos.

Aisha walloped her opponent Elizabeth Anderson by 10 votes to 6 at the AGM this week. In an exclusive TBG Q&A session Vance says she wants to build a strong career, reveals her background and an insight into her eating habits.

What did you eat at breakfast?

"Peach yogurt, blackberries and a strong latte!"

So, what’s it like winning an election?

"Humbling. Initially I wasn’t going to stand, but I received a lot of encouragement and support from CF friends so I decided to go for it."

Were there any tears upon the announcement?

"I think anytime someone puts themselves out there, especially for something that you’re passionate about, you become emotionally invested—and that’s a good thing."

How do you plan to represent CF Women?

"I have plans in mind that will be centred on hosting great events, and campaigning for our members. I will also be focussing on encouraging more women to stand in local and national elections, and building on the great foundation Clare has created.

"Our next event is scheduled for May. We will be screening FrackNation; a documentary on fracking, rebutting the claims in Josh Fox’s documentary, Gasland. So be sure to stay tuned for more information!"

What’s your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"Dr. Pepper! It brings back memories of visiting my grandparents in Florida during spring breaks. It was the only time I used to drink pop as a kid so whenever I have it now, I get a wave of nostalgia."

Where are you from?

"Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada."

Do you have any further aspirations within the Tory party, apparently they’re crying out for women?

"I think it’s really important to have a strong career before you enter politics, so that’s where my goals are at the moment. My husband and I just bought a home in Bromley, so I’m really looking forward to getting involved locally there."

You’re not going to defect anywhere, are you?

"Nope! :-)"

UKIP Do Not Back Gay Marriage.

FOLLOWING reports that UKIP are set to back gay marriage, their Leader Nigel Farage has today rubbished such reports saying - "The statement attributed to me yesterday was not made by me and not approved by me", TBG can reveal.

Farage reckons the issue shouldn't have been made a "political priority at a time of many other pressing issues". Those equality ministers are busy people you know. Farage also told TBG that the Marriage Bill had "no mandate from the electorate".

And of course, "We were concerned that because of the role of the European Court of Human Rights in British law that faith communities which had strong objections were at risk of being forced to conduct gay marriages" - the UKIP Leader added.

However, apparently Nigel Farage has told PinkNews he would not abolish Gay Marriage but, "pointed towards the possible implementation of something similar to the French system which requires a civil ceremony with the option of a religious one afterwards".

This confusion isn't a surprise with UKIP trying to become a mainstream party and be everything for everyone. Even the UKIP LGBT Leader backed bosses after they sacked the UKIP Youth Chairman for supporting same-sex marriage.

A Budget for Doers, Savers and Makers.

George Osborne has yet again delivered a fair Budget not just for Britain's savers but more importantly for Britain's workers.

With unemployment yet again falling and 1.3 million more people in work under the Conservatives the news that the British economy is now not just back on the up but also beating the forecasts of our global competitors is so rejoicing too.

In 2010 people like me were so right to argue to make work pay by rewarding those who get up early to get on in life as opposed to those who chose to live behind the closed curtains and off the state.

Therefore, it is thanks to George Osborne's reduction in debt inherited from Labour that we can all benefit more from help for childcare, more help with tax allowances, and yes, more help doing the honourable thing by getting on in life.

This would be impossible under failed Labour policies and simply proves again that the best way is the Conservative way.

UKIP PPC & Former YI Leader Wannabe Drops a Clanger.

It seems as though whilst spending all his time running for the position of Chairman of Young Independence, Gosport's UKIP PPC Chris Wood forgot to do homework on his own backyard.

Despite Wood, 25, promising improvements and investment to Gosport Town Centre, the UKIP PPC, who was elected on to Hampshire County Council for the nearby parish of Stubbington last May, has not attended a single council or public meeting on the issue of the High Street in Gosport to date, TBG can reveal.

Conservative Chairman of the Economic Development Committee Stephen Philpott has in the same time period been working with no-less than twenty local businesses promoting the re-generation of the High Street and the Town Centre.

Stephen told TBG - "Mr Wood may be knowledgeable about matters in Stubbington but I would advise him not to make public pronouncements on things in Gosport that he clearly knows nothing about."

'UKIP Can Come Up With All They Like But Only David Cameron Can Take Action'.

If David Cameron ever wanted to re-assure tory right wingers like myself on the issue of Europe then his seven point action plan did the trick.

For months, if not years, people have been daring the Prime Minister to tone up the euro-scepticism and this plan just does that.

Ukip can jump on all the bandwagons they want but so long as Mr. Cameron fights benefits tourism, fights for national parliamentary sovereignty, fights the flow of powers to Brussels, fights to reduce red tape, and fights the principle of enlargement linked to movement he will always have my support.

At the end of the day Ukip can come up with all they like but only David Cameron can take action.

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate Charged Over Fraud Allegations.

A 26 year-old Norfolk UKIP county councillor and prospective parliamentary candidate for Great Yarmouth is to set be charged with electoral malpractice after allegations that signatures on county council nomination papers were forged, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Cllr Smith is now facing suspension from the County Council while the case is open. He and two other men are accused of returning fraudulent nomination papers in the Norfolk County Council elections held in Great Yarmouth over March & April last year.

Cannabis Councillor Wants Police to Turn Blind Eye.

GREEN PARTY councillor, Ian Driver, is sensationally attempting to open Britain’s first legal cannabis cafe in Kent and has urged police to turn a blind eye.

Cllr Driver wants an "Amsterdam-style coffee-shop" that would be granted "a special dispensation" by local authorities and would therefore be a safe, social place to smoke weed.

Driver told local reporters - "It makes eminent sense to have a nice relaxing atmosphere where cannabis users, for recreational or medicinal purposes, can get together and enjoy themselves just as other people go out for a drink. We are going to talk to the police and ask them to be tolerant of the cafe".

Kent police are not supportive and have bonged the idea saying – "Our role is to enforce the law which states that cannabis is a Class B controlled drug and possession is an offence which carries a maximum five-year prison term."

Miliband's Lack of Vision.

One of the last Labour government's leading figures has laid into Red Ed Miliband.

Liam Byrne, who left the infamous 'there is no money left' message when he left The Treasury yesterday criticised the Labour leader for having a "lack of vision" and said that even if his party is to stand a chance at the next election they need to be twenty points ahead in opinion polls rather than the current three points.

Byrne told the Fabian Society conference this past weekend - "I don't think we are talking about the future enough. The reason our poll lead is where it is is because people don't see us about the future anymore."

One senior Labour figure was also caught out saying that Ed Miliband is "a huge failing".

Ironically, the news comes on the day that the government is talking about the future, with George Osborne this week announcing plans to "bring forward" the start of construction for the northern section of the HS2 project to the same time as the southern section and eventually meet in the middle.

HS2 Rail Project Should Be Welcomed And Extended.

The news that the northern section of the HS2 rail line is set to be fast-tracked in order to save money in the long-term must be welcomed.

At the end of the day if it is cheaper and more beneficial to the local economies by doing it this way then I am all in favour of it.

In my opinion there should also be a long-term plan to extend the line to Glasgow and Edinburgh too.

What this shows overall though is where the Conservatives under David Cameron and George Osborne are fighting for hard working Britain's with this project, by refusing to back it in full Labour lack vision and by opposing it completely Ukip are out of touch.

Which once again proves that if Britain wants a prospering economy that puts hard working and tax paying citizens first the only way is the Conservative way.

Labour At War Over EU.

Seems as though its just the electorate that are turning on Red Ed Miliband.

TBG understands that despite winning the backing of former Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, many of his MP's are up in arms at his change of stance on the EU.

It's emerged that the Labour Leader overruled leading party figures including Ed Balls, Jon Cruddas and Tom Watson with his change of tone.

Leading Labour party euro-sceptic Kate Hoey is fuming telling TBG - "I think it’s meant to be a clever compromise but I don’t think it’s going to end up as one."

Maybe the European Elections are going to be a little bit of a closer contest between Labour and the Conservatives after all?

Labour Poll Lead Crashes.

If Red Ed Miliband thought his big E.U. Speech yesterday would make him look the statesman he had better think again.

TBG can this morning confirm that with just days to go before the European Elections, Labour's lead over the Conservatives has fallen from 5% last week to just 2% today.

What's more, in a verdict set to rock Labour to its foundations, whilst 32% agree with Red Ed's new policy a whopping 50% don't and whilst 23% thought it was a brave move a huge 42% thought it was cowardly.

Tory MP Peter Bone told TBG - "We now know that Red Ed Miliband is opposed to an EU Referendum and won't deliver one!"

Now Hancock Jnr Claims He Was Assaulted.

The Hancock Soap Opera took another twist in Portsmouth this morning.

Its now emerged that the son of Mike Hancock MP who goes on trial for allegedly assaulting Daily Express snapper Steve Reigate at Fareham Magistrates on April 29th is claiming that HE has now been the victim of an assault.

Dean Hancock claims another press snapper assaulted him outside Fareham Magistrates on February 12th between 3.30pm and 3.40pm.

So far no arrests have been made.

Who Does Red Ed Miliband Think he is Kidding?

Just who does Red Ed Miliband think he is kidding when he says that if he became Prime Minister his party would have a fresh E.U. Policy and any more transfer of powers to Brussels would lead to an E.U. Referendum?

People will remember Labour for their actions.

Under the last Labour Government that Red Ed served in Tony Blair promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and failed to deliver and thanks to the green E.U. levies Red Ed signed up to and implemented as Energy Secretary without giving people a say, council tax doubled and energy bills soared.

Even Red Ed's own core supporting pensioners were left with the stark choice of either eating food or heating their homes thanks to Labour E.U. Policy.

At a time when powers continue to be passed over from Westminster to Brussels people should realise that the only way they can realistically get a say on the E.U is by giving David Cameron an outright majority with his own mandate in 2015.

EXCLUSIVE: [PIC] Inside YBF Rally.


Top Tories Ditch Party's 'Careerist' Spring Conference And Organise Mammoth Counter Campaign Day.

Rob Halfon MP with the late Margaret Thatcher

TOP Tory and Young Britons' Foundation (YBF) renegade activists are set to go to war with "lazy party careerists" with "a massive" campaign weekend in Harlow for Rob Halfon MP on 5th April, the same day as the Conservative Party spring conference, TBG sensationally can reveal.

Senior campaign organisers have revealed to TBG it'll be the "biggest campaign day the Conservative Party has seen in the last few years", with over over 100 already confirmed in attendance. Activists from London Students, Conservative Party parliamentary staffers, think-tanks and business leaders will all be making there stand for those who campaign against those "who just want a nice CV".

Tousi, Clarke and Burditt
Major influential Tories leading the anti-careerist campaign day include Rob Halfon MP's Senior Parliamentary Aide Emily Burditt, former Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman Mark Clarke, potential CF future national chairman Mahyar Tousi and more. Celebrity political figures, MPs and Ministers will also attend the "fight against the careerists".

TBG understands many young Tory activists will descend on the established YBF rally tomorrow where the Harlow campaign day rebellion will be encouraged instead of Conservative Party Spring Conference.

The organisers have predictably received criticism for ditching the Conservatives' spring conference in favour of campaigning for votes on the street, from the voluntary Tory party and allegedly "certain figures" on the CF National Executive.

Leaked documents seen by TBG indicate that attendees will only have to pay for accommodation as there will be free travel, free lunch and a free curry for dinner. Not forgetting free drinks and clubbing in the evening.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter - @RoadTrip2015

UPDATE 16:00 - Top activist Mahyar Tousi has just released this statement to TBG:

"Nobody’s labelling all those going to Spring Forum as ‘careerists’. This is simply against those who hardly ever campaign, and have refused to join this campaign after suddenly deciding to go to Spring Forum instead… To those who say this is just Libertarians being divisive: this is a group of passionate Conservatives who work hard to get a Tory majority in 2015. Besides, #RoadTo2015 is uniting all sides of the Party like no other campaign group has done before."

Danny Alexander 'Positioning Himself' for Leadership Bid.

Nick Clegg may be saying that he intends to lead the Lib Dems through to 2020 but, TBG understands some people in his party have other things in mind and heading the list of those is the man currently responsible for the government's deficit reduction plan.

Yes, Danny Alexander is now fast becoming the man being tipped to take over from Nick Clegg.

In a move that's going to go down like a lead balloon with Tim Farron and those on the left of the party TBG has learned that Alexander is "already positioning himself" for a Leadership election in the event of his party not being in government after 2015.

Alexander's main rival is Vince Cable but given that he's already older than their previous eldest leader, Menzies Campbell, and the fact that Alexander's seat is one his party's safest at Westminster it seems that even though the future may not be bright, it may at least be Danny.

In addition to Cable's age being against him its also understood that his wife is against the idea too. When asked earlier today about media speculation Rachel Cable said that not only was she not keen on such a move but insisted that she was also a "big fan" of Nick Clegg.

Union Boss Bob Crow Dead Aged 52.

RMT Union Leader Bob Crow has died aged just 52.

Early reports say Bob Crow tragically had an "aneurysm" and a "heart attack". Medics spent over an hour trying to save his life.


LEAKED: Conservative Future Area Chairman Forced to Quit After Members & Executive Revolt With Damning Petition.

WORCESTERSHIRE Conservative Future (WCF) Chairman Natalie Clare Newman has quit her post after a revolt which included a damning petition for her resignation. Names on the petition, leaked to TBG, included the entire executive bar one and nearly all active members within WCF, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Speculation rose on CFonSunday yesterday when this website revealed rumours were rife and the wheels were in motion for a No Confidence vote in the West-Midlands.

One Conservative Party source revealed to TBG that the crisis was sparked by a sensational attempt by Newman to appoint a close male and female colleague to the executive. "It seemed to be a public attempt to undermine the executive who had criticised Newman previously. The move was denounced by nearly all the members and the executive but Miss Newman attempted to go ahead with it anyway", disclosed the source.

Worcestershire CF said - "The decision has been made in accordance to the National CF Constitution."

TBG has heard whispers for some-time that anger had been building among the members and executive, for reasons which are demonstrated in the leaked resolution petition.

TBG understands it is unclear when a future election will be held and who will run. A Special General Meeting has been called to take place at Churchill House, Worcester.

Worcestershire CF - Petition for Chairman Resignation [Names Removed]

Tory Youth Wing National Executive in Oscars Style Selfie.

Make it stop.

MP Alleged 'Stalker' Pleads Not Guilty.

TBG can confirm that the man accused of stalking former Liberal Democrat, now Independent Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock has today sensationally pleaded not guilty.

Les Cummings was at Portsmouth Crown Court earlier where the case was adjourned.

Cummings is accused of sending Hancock offensive emails and distributing offensive leaflets in the city.

EXPOSED: Cambridge University Tories Secret Society Ritual Caught On Video.

CUCA this past Friday night

CAMBRIDGE University Conservative Association (CUCA) have been sensationally exposed in a video showing the secret "Imperial Toast" ritual. The event was held on Friday night by the Illuminati conquering CUCA to commemorate the mysterious death of William III & II at the hands of a "mirthlessly murderous mole man", TBG can reveal.

Reports say that attendees - "Smoked a sweet, pungent leaf provided by the White Wizard. This, they believe, acts as a sort of sexual psychostimulant. The humanork Ziikthor explained, 'to commit the sodomatical and grave acts necessary for the completion of our work requires a great deal of... endurance, but this potent drug makes it quite possible' [sic]."

It is thought the evening, which ended up in a local pub, is just the beginning of an attempt to mysteriously influence Cambridge University Student Union and the Conservative Party youth wing, Conservative Future. CUCA sensationally revealed to CFonSunday on TBG that they plan to bring down "shadowy figures" in order to save the Tory party and the world from Illuminati lizards.

A Senior CUCA Official told TBG that the - "Illuminati are seeking to make CF so unappealing and unprofessional that all the non-Illuminati members will quit in disgust either to establish their own Conservative youth organisation or to join Young Independence, leaving CF manned solely by a rump of dedicated Illuminati. Thence, they will re-build the organisation, using its leverage on the Conservative Party proper to put forward Illuminati candidates in certain safe seats in time for the 2020 elections."

[VIDEO] EXPOSED: Cambridge University Conservative Association Secret Ritual

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