Witney Walker Slams Tory Youth National Executive & Says He Wants to Lead Conservative Future.

WITNEY Conservative Future (CF) Chairman Liam Walker has exclusively revealed to TBG that he does intend to enter the national stage and hopes to lead Conservative Future with a "great team" after the 2015 General Election.

The Tory activist, who is Chairman of the Tory youth wing in PM David Cameron's constituency, seemed to despair at the current state of Conservative Future, sensationally slamming its current National Executive:

"CF is all over the place at the moment. A Christmas party that never happened. An executive fighting with each other on Twitter. No consistent national events/campaign days.

"It's embarrassing for those of us who are getting out there and working hard."

When pressed on the issue of running for CF National Chairman Witney Walker said - "Let's get the general election out of the way and then I will talk to a few people who I think would make a great team to join me in talking CF forward."

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