UKIP Gestapo Sack Branch Secretary After Democratic Election.

DEMOCRACY in UKIP took a dive this weekend when this website revealed that the Young Independence (YI) election would yet again be determined not by the Party electorate, but its National Executive Committee.

It seems not just YI elected officials have-to fear the UKIP NEC, but also those in local positions after a Branch Secretary was sensationally sacked for having "journalistic links" to tea-break tabloid TheBlueGuerilla, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Secret emails seen by TBG also confirm that UKIP sensationally had suspicions that the journalist was a Tory plant all along, a claim TheBlueGuerilla today furiously refused to confirm or deny. It is thought the suspicions began at a UKIP branch in Lincoln.

Not much seems to have changed in UKIP since the infamous #Ollyshambles and the Friends of Palestine shannagins.

Warning 'Kippers, the secret UKIP NEC police are watching.