EXPOSED: Tory Youth National Executive Split Deepens Over Social Media Block.

CF'ers complain they are being blocked from Tory Youth social media groups

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Executive's two leading personalities clashed very publicly on Twitter last night over an activist being unable to access a national CF Facebook drinks event page.

CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper claimed that the activist couldn't access the event due to being blocked by the Page creator his Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell, a claim desribed as "utter bullshit" by the CF National Deputy, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG has also received emails from deeply concerned activists that CF'ers have been blocked from accessing the National CF Closed Facebook Forum by those National Executive members in control of the group.

One activist told TBG - "Sarah blocked me from the CF group. If anyone organises something I can't see it, I can't see what happens anymore! I've considered going to the EU about the issue."

CF National Executive public spat over social media access;