Red Ed Caught Dithering Over EU Referendum.

Red Ed Miliband was yesterday caught out dithering over plans for an E.U. Referendum.

Whilst Red Ed himself said his party would continue to oppose David Cameron's plan for an in or out vote in 2017 which will be hammered out with Angela Merkel later today, a senior Labour source has told the Daily Express that Red Ed is preparing for a "policy shift" on the issue.

Red Ed is not on his own either.

After TBG exclusively exposed that Nigel Farage is planning to stand against him next year, Nick Clegg said yesterday that he would like to see a "six-month wait" for migrant jobless benefits in his party's 2015 manifesto.

TBG also recalls leaflets distributed by the Lib Dems in 2010 promising an E.U. Referendum.

Tory MP for Skipton and Ripon Julian Smith told TBG - "Nothing is more uncertain for business than this type of weak leadership."